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Strategic alliances with the world's leading companies enable us to provide complete solutions to your business and IT challenges.

Rethink mobile commerce solutions with Tyfone and its secure mobile financial transaction and identity solutions

Tyfone´s vision is to connect money and mobility through device, platform and carrier "Independence" by providing highly scalable and secure mobile financial transaction and identity solutions to the world´s leading organizations and their customers.

Tyfone’s memory card-based, secure platform—protected by a portfolio of more than 30 patents—is the only solution that is designed to enable mobile wallet functions to be owned by financial institutions.

Increase revenue while making banking more convenient


As a Tyfone alliance partner, Cognizant can integrate Tyfone´s platform consisting of a server side implementation that connects to various data sources and a multitude of mobile client implementations. When combined with Tyfone´s SideTap memory card implementation, the Tyfone platform provides ground-breaking mobile commerce and secure identity solutions.


We partner with Tyfone to provide secure mobility solutions to our customers in banking and other industries that require secure financial transactions. We leverage Tyfone’s approach of “banking plus wallet” to integrate advanced mobile solutions that helps increase revenue for financial institution and make banking more convenient for today’s mobile customers.


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