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Cognizant and AWS have joined forces to make it easy and affordable for organizations to drive digital value through the cloud.

Cognizant’s consulting expertise and strong global delivery network, combined with the reliable and scalable AWS cloud infrastructure, platforms and apps, enable us to collaborate and provide compelling solutions to today’s digital challenges.

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Banking in 2035: how emerging technologies will transform the way we bank

Being “digital-first” is no longer enough. To compete in the future, banks must become technology-infused, reimagining every aspect of their business through an emerging techno-lens.


Bringing our strengths together to serve you better.

Cognizant offers out-of-the-box services using the latest AWS technologies to modernize legacy infrastructure platforms. Offerings include:

  • Migration Acceleration and Readiness: Assess, build and migrate legacy workloads quickly and methodically, leveraging automation and specialized tools via the AWS Migration Acceleration Partner (MAP) Program of AWS.
  • Windows Modernization: Leveraging Cognizant’s Windows Modernization Studio, we help Windows enterprises with large software estates that are end-of-life to migrate to AWS Cloud Native platforms. This includes SQL Server on Windows to SQL server on Linux on AWS; SQL Server on Windows to Amazon Aurora; .NET to containers/Amazon EC2 container service; .NET to Micro-services; and .NET to AWS Lambda serverless migrations to AWS Cloud.
  • Cloud Contact Center: Modernize your contact center by using Amazon’s full AI slate (Polly, Lex, Rekognition), which integrates with AWS Connect.
  • Connected Ecosystem: Increase operational efficiency, boost security and compliance and improve overall CX using smart solutions that leverage AWS IoT core, Amazon FreeRTOS, AWS Greengrass and AWS Cognito on AWS Cloud.
  • Cognizant AWS Workspaces: Simplify your workspace environment with virtual desktops at scale, available anywhere and anytime on any device, powered by AWS Workspaces.
  • Compliant Cloud: Leverage our expertise in architecting a highly scalable, available and agile AWS infrastructure, certified with security and industry compliance using robust Cloud Native services from AWS. 
  • Cloud Economics: Optimize your cloud with minimum spend. Our cyclic framework ensures all aspects of due diligence, assessment, risk analysis, business impact and change management handled flawlessly with significant cost savings.
  • Mainframe Modernization: Migrate and modernize mainframe applications on to AWS Cloud. Offerings include Mainframe Rehost Strategy, APIzation, Optimization, DevOps and Data Modernization integrated with industry-standard tools to reduce cost and risk.

Cognizant also offers Platform Modernization capabilities around other AWS services with the following:

  • Storage, Database and Analytics: Leverage our expertise around Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Amazon RDS, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon RedShift and AWS Athena.
  • Networking Solutions: Secure your cloud network with our capabilities using Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Amazon CloudFront, Amazon API Gateway and Amazon AD Connector.
  • Security, Monitoring and Guardrails: Enhance your platform security, monitoring and access management capabilities with Cognizant’s solutions using Amazon GuardDuty, AWS WAF, Amazon CloudWatch and AWS IAM.

Enterprises feel the need to use data as their competitive advantage. We live in a data economy and digitally native companies are setting the bar.

  • AI Data Modernization Methods: Leverage Data reference model that enterprises can use to reimagine their data and analytics foundation, using a set of attributes that will help modernize their data ecosystem in a structured way. This accelerates time to market by 30-70%, reduces total cost of data by 40% and realizes value in 3 to 6 months.
  • BigDecision: Data Modernization Services platform/workbenches built on micro services architecture that accelerates the journey to AWS cloud by adopting a configurable approach rather than a coding paradigm. BigDecision leverages Amazon EC2, Amazon EMR, Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift, Amazon Elasticsearch service, Amazon KMS, AWS Glue, Amazon RDS, AWS Networking (VPC, VPN, Direct Connect) Amazon Management and Monitoring services (AWS CloudTrail, VPC Flow Logs, CloudWatch).
  • Intelligent Data Works: Intelligent Data Works is a data foundry that comes with a collection of accelerators, tools and frameworks that help customers to migrate their legacy data structures and code with a custom build option to business specific scenarios on the AWS Cloud.

Application modernization helps your business to modernize applications leveraging the AWS cloud-native technology stack.

Our services include application re-platforming, re-factoring, re-architecting and re-building, which are aimed at helping you migrate legacy applications to AWS. We use lightweight, portable and flexible containers that provide an ideal platform for modernizing legacy applications. Amazon managed services support microservices architecture and serverless computing using ECS, EKS, Fargate and Lambda.

Among the many benefits of application modernization, your business can increase agility, scalability, cost savings, improve performance, reliability and security.

We also offer:

  • Cloud-native AWS application development
  • Application transformation
  • Enterprise apps on cloud

Our partners hold us to the highest standards.

They know what quality looks like. We’re proud to be recognized by our peers for delivering to the highest industry standards.

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