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The pace of change across retail is dramatic, with far more sales happening online. Cognizant research shows retailers with exceptionally strong revenue growth derive a higher percentage of sales from digital channels. The digital mandate is here and there is no time for delay.


The retail segments we serve

Explore how modern Business Process Services can help accelerate growth for retail clients.


Experience makes a difference.

Helping you serve the changing needs of your customers, today and into tomorrow.


A leading player in the retail and consumer goods sector


A leading player in the retail and consumer goods sector

creates a modern digital workplace and saves 70% capex

Implementing Microsoftâ  s cloud-based Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) solution and an enterprise mobile management (EMM) platform enabled one retail player to ensure business continuity, productivity and the employee experience during the COVID-19 crisis.


One of the world’s largest pawn companies


One of the world’s largest pawn companies

re-architects a legacy POS system to change in-store CX and drive new sales.

Cognizant Softvisionâ  s â  Virtual Podsâ   nimbly adapt to mid-project redirection and deliver a solution for COVID-19 and beyond.


A leading U.S. luxury retailer


A leading U.S. luxury retailer

achieves a 3X higher conversion for personalized shopping experiences.

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Targeted solutions

Cognizant's Retail practice helps retailers turn today's pain points into new business opportunities.

Reimagined physical spaces

Transform the way customers interact with your business spaces—and turn your physical space into a differentiator, not a drain on your resources.

Omnichannel journeys

Finding the right mix of stores, mobile, digital marketing and CRM capabilities is unique to each retailer. Establish your unique path for your brand, based on customers, competitors, and physical and digital assets.

Customer-first merchandising

Successful merchandising is a mission-critical retail function that is part art, part science. It requires detailed planning, optimized business processes, data mining and analytics, while allowing the flexibility to react to market conditions.

Retail success

New workforce and task management solutions can help you create more stores that attract shoppers and inspire loyalty. Build in success by tackling key store operations challenges such as customer service, loss prevention and back-end operations.

Supply chain management

Rewrite your supply chain into one that is more flexible and responsive. Position your business to deliver the seamless, flexible retail experience that today’s global, always-connected shoppers demand.

Retail Enterprise solutions

Whether you need foundational packages to support merchandising, point-of-sale or warehouse management, or optimization solutions, Cognizant combines deep retail and program management expertise and implementation best practices to ensure you get the highest quality solution in the most cost-effective manner.

Distributed order management

Implement newer omnichannel commerce strategies with reduced time-to-market and faster ROI. Transform your core systems and take a key foundational step in reaching customers effectively across all touch points.


Recently published insights


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Serving customers by looking forward as well as back is a big promise, but the power of today’s new digital capabilities is vast and growing.

Let’s talk about how digital can work for your business.