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Business Process Services

Create better outcomes

To succeed in this complex and rapidly evolving landscape, companies must create intelligent and agile operations using digital platforms, automation, advanced analytics and AI to improve profitability, competitiveness and experiences and simplify regulatory compliance and the development of new products.
Employing over 6,500+ experts and scientists across North America, Europe, and APAC, Cognizant collaborates with life sciences companies to improve clinical data management, pharmacovigilance, medical writing and publishing, as well as biostatistics and statistical programming operations to improve patient outcomes.


Medical devices
Medical devices

Implement digital operations to improve product development, speed to market, patient centricity and revenue cycle management for increased profitability.

Pharmaceuticals & biotech
Pharmaceuticals & biotech

Combine intelligent digital platforms, cloud, data, automation and AI, to develop more effective and affordable drugs, and improve patient outcomes.

Offerings and platforms

With a deep understanding of today’s life sciences industry, we offer business process services to make you more effective, efficient and virtualized. The result: You’ll be able to streamline and effectively manage costs, customer support and service operations—and redirect internal business resources toward more strategic, value-added projects.

Detect and manage safety risks

Take advantage of cloud, intelligent automation, data sciences and machine learning to streamline safety process cycle times and integrate safety compliance into contact centers. Our solutions will help satisfy and improve your regulatory obligations while reducing costs.

Proven, mature, automated

Leveraging technology and analytics, we provide process automation, continuous process improvement and comprehensive, scalable data management platform services. This is complemented by built-in transition, quality control and assurance.

Clear, accurate documents

Rely on our experienced team of doctors, PhDs and life science post graduates in synthesizing and translating complex data analysis. This results in clear, scientifically accurate documents that are fully compliant with regulatory requirements.

Spanning the value chain

Covering all aspects of the biostatistics value chain, we create everything from statistical analysis plans to preparation of statistical methodology sections for clinical study submissions. In concert, our extensive network helps ensure a global data-driven delivery of clinical data processes.

Ensure compliance

An integrated sales, service and complaint handling business solution that drives enhanced customer reach, improves customer satisfaction and ensures regulatory compliance specifically for the medical device industry.

Improve end-to-end supply chain operations

Optimize the customer ordering experience while lowering costs through improved delivery and efficiency. Our platform integrates automation, advanced analytics and end-to-end visibility into the order management process.

Digitally transform finance and accounting

Transform finance and accounting operations into a value generator for your organization. Apply next-generation digital capabilities to enhance existing investments and turn procure-to-pay, order-to-cash, record-to-report and financial planning into valuable business insights.

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efficiency improvement through automation in life sciences companies
Digital Business Operations: Life Sciences

Increase speed to market, improve patient outcomes and reduce cost and minimize risk. Learn why Cognizant is your ideal partner for transforming operating models.

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