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Corporate Governance

Our leadership

Cognizant’s senior global leadership team brings deep industry experience to the organization and maintains a strong ethical climate. Our independent, diverse and experienced Board of Directors provides overarching oversight.

Corporate governance documents

Board committee charters

Compliance and other corporate policies

Define what Cognizant stands for, how we conduct ourselves—our guide for making the ethical choice every day.

Disclosure of any waivers granted by our Board of Directors to our Code of Ethics.

At Cognizant, we are committed to doing business ethically and complying with all anti-corruption laws that may apply to the company.

At Cognizant, we maintain a reporting system where employees as well as third parties can report suspected legal and ethical concerns—confidentially and anonymously.

Cognizant expects all Suppliers to uphold the Supplier Standards and urges the adoption of similar standards within their own businesses and apply those standards subcontractors.