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Cognizant helps transform OEMs, suppliers, dealers and automotive finance companies into modern enterprises creating exceptional vehicles and experiences leveraging human-centered design, data driven intelligence and at-scale automotive digital solutions.


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Automaker improves financial transparency

by digitizing accounting workstreams


Luxury car maker drives personalization

with a cloud-based marketing platform


Global automaker streamlines parts ordering

with a digital solution to optimize parts management

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Major car company leverages Intelligent Process Automation

providing visibility into workflow efficiency and improving the bottom line

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Discover how IoT solutions can drive your business forward

Take a look at our Smart Operations, Intelligent Spaces and Connected Mobility offerings.


A wide range of automotive digital solutions to speed products to market.


In the design and engineering of new vehicles, we work with OEM engineering groups and Tier1 suppliers to conceptualize, design, develop and validate vehicle components and systems. Among our solutions are application/product lifecycle management (ALM/PLM) systems, which improve development and validation processes.

Cognizant’s extensive software product services and accelerator foundations provide faster time to market, superior user experiences, and continuous evolution of your product. Our solutions include:

  • Product Architecture
  • DevOps Processes
  • Rapid Prototyping and UX
  • Software Development
  • Product Testing and Integration
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Consulting and Training

For years, Cognizant has been developing automotive software solutions for connected vehicles. Our engineers leverage the experience gained from each of our client projects to your benefit. 

With connected vehicles, the development of embedded systems and IT system development are closely linked. Because we are knowledgeable in both areas, our vehicle networking solutions exceed exacting requirements in terms of data security.

Cognizant Mobility provides architectural development, testing and integration for electric vehicles, inductive charging systems and back-end solutions. In our mission to make a substantial contribution to sustainability, we leverage our knowledge and experience in automotive and system development to provide solutions to the current challenges of e-mobility.

Our E-Mobility services incorporate the latest standards to help eliminate the uncertainties with smart charging. Furthermore, we provide additional architectural development, testing and integration services for electric vehicles, inductive charging systems and back-end solutions. Together with Cognizant, electric vehicle (EV) and battery manufacturers can accelerate time to market while utilities and charging station providers can better manage volatility in EV demand.

Complete Vehicle E/E Development

The future of modern automotive development is in electrical and electronic components. We handle all aspects of vehicle development—from car body, chassis and drive electronic system development to comprehensive development and integration of electric drive systems. Our specialties deliver positive outcomes in mobility, safety, comfort and functionality.

Starting with an agile mindset, we use benchmarking, E/E architecture development and system integration to achieve complete vehicle development at the highest level.  Among our services are:

  • Functional safety
  • MBSE
  • Embedded high performance computing
  • AI-based testing
  • Adaptive rearview mirror
  • Highway pilot
  • Process parachute
  • Functional safety

We help automate and run automakers’ business operations, including finance and accounting, customer care and logistics management functions. With solutions such as Digital Finance as a Service and Risk Analytics, we help you reduce overhead cost while remaining compliant. Our global footprint enables us to provide multi-lingual support services 24/7.

We help your business run its core processes smartly and efficiently. Among our success stories: implementing digital factory solutions to help prevent parts shortages in assembly line processes. We also transform legacy value streams for new product lines such as electric vehicles, while incorporating supply chain visibility and control tower.

Cognizant works with automotive enterprises around the world and has over two decades of experience in the security space. Many of our end-to-end security solutions leverage leading cloud platforms from our partners at AWS, Google and Microsoft. They provide a 360-degree view of your organization’s security ecosystem and holistically safeguard operations, factory floor and supply chain processes.

Cognizant Mobility

Automakers and suppliers must also ensure their vehicles and subsystems remain safe from cyberattack, now and in the future. That’s where Cognizant Mobility comes in. Our team of auto and security experts works constantly on solutions designed to ensure the security of vehicles and to protect against threats to electronic subsystems and parts. Based on the experience of our security experts and best practices, Cognizant’s services include the following:

  • Penetration Testing: Embedded, cloud and operational technology 
  • Vulnerability Scan
  • Defense against replay attacks
  • Defense against fuzzing
  • Defense against message injection
  • Defense against sniffing and spoofing

Hardware-Based Security

The importance of hardware-based security increases dramatically due to today’s highly automated driving systems. Automakers who do not protect their control units cryptographically are putting themselves and their customers at risk. At Cognizant, our security experts leverage hardware, the cloud and their skills based on a mastery of the entire cryptography chain.

Cognizant Mobility helps large companies meet the requirements necessary to deploy DevOps successfully. Using tools and best practices developed over time, our DevOps specialists leverage Cognizant Mobility, the cloud and our DevOps dashboard to break down applications into service modules. In this way, the applications can be implemented entirely via a cloud service going forward, making them scalable as well.


Enhance your marketing efforts with creative content and asset management. Our global digital content factory provides scale, efficiencies, economies of cost and speed to market. And our digital asset management platform enables you to store, manage and securely access marketing collateral, giving you the flexibility and security for a large and distributed user base.

We help OEMs and dealers provide a personalized sales and service experience to their customers. Among our solutions: a digital marketing platform that automates and streamlines vehicle sales management and improves the customer experience. Our campaign management and analytics solutions help determine where consumers are in the buying journey and generate targeted offers to convert the sale.


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