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We help you rewire for the future

There is palpable pressure to act quickly and realize more value from AI. Yet leaders are challenged by myriad options and complexity, finding it hard to decide where to place big bets.

We help you tear down constraints and pragmatically rewire your business—data, IT stack, talent models, operations—for a future of pervasive AI, so you can confidently get ahead and stay ahead.

From AI vision to scale

Leaders must think beyond an opportunistic, bolt-on approach to plan and execute a new level of transformation.

AI-first success fundamentals

Rewire to mitigate disruption and gain efficiencies. Prasad Sankaran, EVP, Software & Platform Engineering shares his view.

A bottom-up business case

Using proprietary data we are helping clients assess the impact of generative AI on different occupations and evaluate cumulative productivity and augmentation opportunities.

Upgrade data for new opportunities

Modernizing data is a non-negotiable step towards growth with AI. Hear more from Naveen Sharma, Global Head of AI & Analytics.

A pragmatic approach

Start with the engine of change to create a flywheel of transformation. Mike Turner, VP, Software & Platform Engineering, shares how.

People and skills

We partnered with Oxford Economics to determine the level of impact AI-driven automation could have on jobs and created an exposure score for key occupations.

We also calculated a friction score, an indication of how easy it will be for individuals, currently in certain roles, to shift to other careers based on their current skills.

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Generative AI handbook

Our generative AI handbook walks through the AI landscape, looking at both its boundless potential and risks. Get practical with questions to ask and steps you can take to move ahead with a responsible AI approach.

High-impact applications of generative AI

From transforming the customer experience and supercharging marketing and sales to improving the employee experience, these impactful use cases channel the strengths of generative AI into tangible business outcomes.

Our teams bring deep industry expertise, technology know-how, holistic vision and a practical approach to help you navigate from these possibilities to a scaled implementation that fits your needs.

Featured services for AI-led transformation

We deliver solutions for all stages of an AI-first transformation, whether you’re still exploring, scaling successful pilots for impact or leading the way with lean and intelligent operating models.

Examples of our current work

Millions saved, response accuracy boosted by 95%
Millions saved, response accuracy boosted by 95%

We’re using gen AI to radically boost efficiency and accuracy, improving UX for a global payment card corporation.

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Driving cost efficiency in P&C insurance company
Driving cost efficiency in P&C insurance company

We’re using gen AI to help a global insurance client efficiently complete nearly 100% of complex claims—and cut costs.

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Increasing productivity for thousands of manufacturing technicians
Increasing productivity for thousands of manufacturing technicians

We help maintenance engineers use generative AI to turn thousands of chat and speech documents into insights. This helps them act faster, reduce downtime and boost productivity.

A male employee in a boiler room looking at laptop screen
Faster access to research and quicker decision making in pharmaceuticals
Faster access to research and quicker decision making in pharmaceuticals

We use generative AI to help our client access relevant medical literature faster and easier. This speeds up decision-making, eliminates frustrating manual efforts and reduces cost.

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Responsible AI: A shared commitment

Navigating the complexities of gen AI with integrity and purpose

The World Economic Forum’s Briefing Paper Series includes perspectives and guidance for the responsible development, adoption and overall governance of generative AI. Our experts, Prasad Sankaran and Babak Hodjat, were invited to contribute their recommendations to this collaborative effort.

AI Governance Alliance: Briefing Paper Series

Invention ignites ingenuity

Technological innovations breed more breakthroughs. Learn how experts are putting them to work.

Cognizant’s Advanced AI Lab augments AI-based decision-making

Our research team is improving AI driven decision-making by creating new methods that integrate various AI types to model complex situations and suggest solutions optimized for specific performance indicators.

Take the first step

Let’s explore practical applications of generative AI for your business, and create impactful value—safely and responsibly.