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When your vision has no limits, you need all the right players working together to turn that vision into reality.

Dell Technologies encompasses Dell EMC, Pivotal, RSA, SecureWorks, Virustream and VMware. As partners, Cognizant and Dell Technologies bring the combined strengths and capabilities of our best-in-class portfolios to provide the framework that is essential to your organization’s digital future. Covering infrastructure, software-defined cloud, networking, cloud-native development and security, we enable a stronger, more efficient workforce which is aided by groundbreaking automation and unyielding protection.

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Bringing our strengths together to serve you better.

Dell Technologies' ecosystem of best-in-class software helps Cognizant guide and deliver digital transformation in a holistic manner that propels business. A modernized infrastructure along with automated IT can reinvigorate an organization's workforce and processes. Customer insights lead to more resonant experiences while business analytics demystify decision-making. Cloud-based IT grants utmost agility and efficiency. Manage infrastructure. Store data. Protect assets. Analyze details. All with Dell Technologies' portfolio of industry-leading software providers.

People are the heart of every organization. While machines help them work faster and smarter, they're the ones moving the meter. By enabling a highly mobile and interconnected workforce with technology from VMware, humans are empowered with new ways of working. With instant access to resources, as well as consolidated communications and project tracking, an interconnected workforce can accomplish amazing results regardless of the distance between them. Cognizant and Dell Technologies keep workers on the same page, so that together they can write the next chapter of your business.

With a million cyberattacks being volleyed on a daily basis, skimping on security isn’t an option. That’s why Cognizant leverages both RSA and Secureworks from Dell Technologies. RSA’s proactive software analyzes user and network behaviors to predict and mitigate threats and risks. Secureworks aids in compliance management, cybersecurity strategy and SecOps efficiency. With threat detection, compliance and remediation covered, organizations can navigate the world’s networks with confidence and peace of mind.


Our partners hold us to the highest standards.

They know what quality looks like. We’re proud to be recognized by our peers for delivering to the highest industry standards.

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