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Modern organizations get and stay ahead by embracing best-in-class methods to optimize the customer experience, automate operations and sustain growth in competitive markets.

Cognizant partners with Pega to drive digital at scale across the enterprise to achieve your organization’s digital transformation vision. Using artificial intelligence, robotics and smart bots, we build applications that deliver compelling customer experiences, process automation and operational excellence. As a member of Pega’s Partner Advisory Council with the world’s largest and longest running Pega practice, as well as two decades of partnership, Cognizant’s deep experience empowers your enterprise to tackle the unexpected and handle any disruptive forces while enhancing customer engagement.

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Bringing our strengths together to serve you better.

Revolutionize customer engagement with end-to-end automation and real-time AI on the industry’s only unified customer relationship management platform: Pega CRM Suite.

Cognizant’s deep CRM domain expertise, coupled with Pega’s unified CRM platform, achieves faster implementation and rapid realization of business value.

To maximize your organization’s ROI in sales automation and get the most from your customer decision hub, we provide insights, develop a strategic roadmap, optimize processes and manage organizational change. Our dedicated business process advisory and consulting services group is staffed with experts who have deep experience in the Pega CRM Suite. 

Our comprehensive service catalog covers all facets of advisory, consulting, implementation, assurance and support services, including:

  • Pega Marketing implementations that engage your customers with real-time, one-on-one, contextual marketing across channels
  • Pega Sales Automation solutions that automate sales and help you intelligently guide customer service & sales professionals 
  • Customer Service implementations that serve and engage your customers with digital customer service
  • Pega Customer Decision Hub expertise that integrates real-time AI into your customer engagement

With transparent, robust, scalable and profitable processes, Cognizant helps your organization increase productivity, meet regulatory requirements, and simplify lifecycle management and know your customer processes.

With Pega Client Lifecycle Management, we automate rigid processes and legacy systems to deliver adaptive, flexible processes while automating end-to-end client journeys. It seamlessly orchestrates your front- and back-office processes around the globe, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and providing an enriching omnichannel experience.

Our proven implementation methodologies incorporate end-to-end program delivery, including customer journey mapping and development, with an emphasis on program management and organization change management. These are adaptable by industry-, product- and client-specific processes, so you can deploy at speed.

Cognizant brings significant implementation experience in customer onboarding and customer-product onboarding, which reduces onboarding time, improves customer retention and expands your revenue base.

If your organization struggles with operational inefficiencies and release management issues, we can help you implement best practices and methodologies to improve your IT operations. We use an agile methodology to build apps that are modern, easy to change and quick to deploy—significantly shortening your time to market. In addition, our low-code approach to DevOps makes continuous deployment easier than ever.

Cognizant specialists use the Pega Platform to implement expansive, process-driven applications while providing a platform for rapid, business-driven applications. We use Pega business process management (BPM), case management, workforce intelligence, low-code development and chatbots to automate processes, fast-track innovation and enhance productivity. Our teams have pioneered the adoption of DevOps with Pega Platform, demonstrating significant automation and cost savings. With one unified, no-code platform we can help you revolutionize your business and operations.

Sharpen your organization’s competitive advantage in an ever-changing business environment with scalable, customizable and market-leading cloud capabilities.

Cognizant’s Pega on Cloud offering helps develop your vision, strategy and execution journey, so you can use cloud to achieve better customer engagement, limitless market adaptability and faster time to market at lower risk. Because our solutions fit seamlessly with your existing cloud infrastructure, you can sustain your vision even as you grow and markets change. 

Our cloud offering is backed by years of experience in managing cloud infrastructure, IT and data security, as well as our expertise in application deployments and real-time implementations involving the migration of on-premises applications to cloud, our strategic partnerships with cloud service providers and our time-tested Pega Platform support experience.

Cognizant partners with you on your organization’s end-to-end digital process automation journey, powered by the Pega Product Suite. Backed by a dedicated business process advisory and consulting team of experts with deep Pega experience, our comprehensive offerings include: 

  • Consulting Assessments & Workshops to define an automation roadmap and conduct a fitment analysis of the automation platform
  • Technology Consulting Services to set up a Pega Center of Excellence and help establish a strong enterprise foundation
  • Process & Governance to deliver programs successfully
  • Application Assessments to analyze the health of Pega applications and provide recommendations for continuous improvements

With over 20 years of experience in building Pega programs, our teams can help you establish a business process automation roadmap for your digital transformation journey. We’ll show you how the Pega Platform can enable you to offer world-class services to your customers. To implement Pega projects, we employ our “Deploy Success” methodology, which covers program/project governance, process-led transformation, implementation, user adoption and change management.

Cognizant offers immersion workshops so our customers can try out the rapid product implementation and deployment processes and enable staff on the latest Pega Product Suite offerings.


Our partners hold us to the highest standards.

They know what quality looks like. We’re proud to be recognized by our peers for delivering to the highest industry standards.

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