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Connected, electric, autonomous

If your business goal is to accelerate connected, autonomous, shared and electric (CASE) mobility, your partner is Cognizant Mobility+.
Gain competitive advantage with our industry domain knowledge and deep electrical and electronics engineering expertise. Benefit from transformative mobility solutions that provide rich and immersive experiences.
Our skills and services span locations, manufacturing systems, product lines, brands and geographies. And our engagement model has impact across the value chain, including automakers, suppliers, dealers and after-market sales and service.


Trusted by companies worldwide, Cognizant Mobility+ has a track record of delivering intelligent connected mobility platforms, solutions and services.

Driving value, staying competitive

With vehicle connectivity now mere table stakes in the industry, automakers must provide a streamlined user experience with adequate pricing and business models for connected vehicle services.

Cognizant vehicle connectivity services offer key benefits to automakers and suppliers.

  • Connected vehicle software factory: At-scale design, development and validation of in-vehicle and vehicle-to-cloud software
  • Electric vehicle development: Engineering and validation of electric drivetrains, energy management, charging and connectivity solutions
  • Autonomous vehicle development: Engineering and validation of AV drivetrains, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and connectivity solutions

Smart fleet / smart freight

Optimizing logistics processing requires real-time tracking of each vehicle’s location and environment to ensure on-time delivery and the total cost of ownership for these assets. Cognizant’s Connected Fleet solution employs connected GPS, asset tracking devices and sensors to help fleet managers and OEMs achieve real-time movement tracking of every vehicle and driver through three capabilities:

  • Fleet Monitoring: Get real-time driver and fleet information to improve utilization, safety and security
  • Predictive Logistics: Integrate multiple telemetry data flowing into the LSP‘s system (truck telematics, containers, camera video) with back-office systems for customer/carrier insights
  • Cold Chain Monitoring: Get real-time temperature, pressure and other environmental information to ensure product quality and compliance

Improve traffic management and safety

With Cognizant’s Intelligent Transportation solution, you can improve traffic management to ease congestion and increase safety with three capabilities:

  • Connected corridors: Enable safe and efficient movement of people and goods
  • Road and traffic management: Access to information in real time from roadside units to make roads safer and traffic flows more efficient 
  • Mobility-as-a-service: Enable affordable pay-per-use mobility solutions


Intelligent connectivity improves mobility in the following industries:

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