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A new focus for utilities

Utilities have a major opportunity to cater to the customer—and to provide more digital solutions.
Customer experience has emerged as one of the major factors for consumers in choosing service providers. Historically, utilities haven’t been on the forefront of customer service and support. But today, consumers want both lower prices and better, more customized services.

To succeed, utilities are embracing disruptive transformation and are increasingly committed to investing in new utilities platforms. Focused on regulatory requirements like de-carbonization and addressing the need to provide seamless customer experiences, these platforms help utilities add capabilities, expand their portfolios and launch new business models.
How to embrace the post-pandemic, digital-driven future of work

Digital will separate the winners from the laggards in the hypercompetitive, post-pandemic business landscape. We undertook a global, multi-industry study to know how businesses are preparing for this future and here’s what we found.


Transform supply chain to value chain

Cognizant provides complete utilities platforms with automation and artificial intelligence, helping utilities drive toward a digital-first strategy. Through our NextGen Contact Center blueprint, we also offer specialized services in customer experience management. This helps utilities transform their operating models through intelligent process automation, digital meter-to-cash services and more.

Move on from legacy systems

The customer experience landscape is changing, and utility customers are no different when it comes to their expectations. New utilities platforms from Cognizant can help you ramp up faster and become more agile in the digital age.

Transform and modernize your customer experience and journey using Cognizant’s Digital Customer Service integrated solution.

Transform the aftermarket

With recent advancements in data and connectivity, aftermarket services are creating exciting new business opportunities for utilities. Cognizant's expertise in areas such as analytics and business metrics can help generate new operating models and turn cost centers into profit centers.

Combining digital technologies with the right people, process and platforms transforms aftermarket services in areas such as request management, field services, spare parts order management, warranty, reverse logistics and asset monitoring.

Redefine your customer experience

Cognizant helps solve the complex challenges that fragmented contact center value chains cause by creating and managing next-generation customer service for your organization. With our expertise, tools and experience, we’ll help you understand your customers’ needs and deliver highly personalized services to meet them. 

From analytics that decode customer attitudes in real time to robotic process automation and AI that make self-service effortless, you will optimize your customer experience with cost effective approach that also opens new revenue-generating opportunities.

Generate new business value

Our Digital Finance and Accounting suite provides utilities with a digital playbook for future integrations. It helps optimize existing investments and integrates key processes, expertise, systems and analytics. From streamlining your transactional workflows to making financial intelligence available on demand, we digitally transform finance and accounting into a value generator for your organization.

We help in cost reduction and optimization by restructuring and remodeling core industry services. This includes procure to pay, order to cash, record to report accounting and financial planning and analysis.

Drive superior customer experience

Cognizant provides services that span the meter-to-cash lifecycle of the utilities industry. Our utilities platforms help eliminate billing errors, reduce unbilled revenue and improve customer service.

Transform your operating models through core industry services like acquisition and loss service, billing and payment, customer service and debt management.

Align your organization

With increased competitive pressure and growing customer demand in the utilities sector, fulfilling orders across multiple customer engagement channels has become complex. Cognizant’s Digital Order Management helps manage the complexity by delivering customer-centered designs and processes in a cost-effective way.

By coordinating global product and service fulfillment across the extended enterprise, supply chain efficiencies and business responsiveness are notably improved. Leverage our digital innovations in platforms, analytics and intelligent automation to transform your order management process into a revenue-producing powerhouse.

Why IPA? Greater ROI.

With the right strategy, tools and know-how, intelligent process automation can utilities accelerate performance and enable real value and ROI. Cognizant’s IPA solutions make your processes smarter. We help elevate workforce productivity by automating not only mundane tasks, but also end-to-end business operations. 

Leverage Cognizant’s domain and technology capabilities to drive aggressive automation.

Targeted solutions

Anytime, anywhere interactions

Cognizant UtilityOne Engage™ helps utilities engage and delight today’s customers through web, mobile and voice assisted channels. It uses digital technologies such as response systems, virtual assistants and machine learning to build loyalty while reducing costs. Transform your customer experience with our innovative, lightweight mobility app featuring account management, bill details, alerts and notifications, and more.

A digital CRM solution

Cognizant UtilityOne Insights™ is an integrated customer management solution that delivers a holistic, omnichannel experience to our utility customers. From customer service and workforce optimization to billing, payment and debt collection, this utility platform helps you create a scalable system landscape that easily integrates with legacy applications, increases customer satisfaction and more.

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