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Uncovering opportunities and making better decisions with AI 

This era of technological innovation is moving at speeds previously unknown in history, and we are deeply committed to pioneering rapid advancements through scientific AI research that directly solves real-world problems. 

Since 2013, our team has focused on research, innovation and the development of advanced AI technologies that further the application of AI to surface opportunities and make better decisions—serving our clients and the society at large.

Coming together as the Cognizant Advanced AI Lab, our team remains committed to bridging science and the pragmatic application of AI, to foster a better, more productive and innovative future for businesses and society alike. 

Activity areas

The Lab’s exploratory focus is primarily on the area of Decision AI, which is about finding new and better ways to simulate and optimize very complex decision scenarios, and recommend options that meet multiple, often conflicting, goals. 

The Lab also conducts fundamental research on state-of-the-art technologies such as generative AI, evolutionary optimization and multi-agent systems. 

Research projects with business impact

We act as a hub for researching, designing, enabling and showcasing practical AI applications. We’re spearheading a revolution in AI-augmented business decision-making built on a solid foundation of research and Cognizant's own intellectual property.



Since 2013, our team of researchers has been publishing prolifically and received the Best Pathway to Impact Award at NeurIPS 2013. The awarded paper, “Discovering Effective Policies for Land-Use Planning” supports Project Resilience, which we initiated to bring together global partners to further the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Showcasing AI’s practical applications

We are bringing together technologists, scientists and clients to showcase practical AI applications and further democratize this powerful technology for use in the enterprise. 

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VP of AI Research

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Let’s explore the future frontiers of AI for your business and society. Together we can create impactful value—safely and responsibly.