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Open source values like meritocracy, community building and transparency are changing the way we approach business—and life.

Red Hat is the world’s leading provider of enterprise open source software solutions. It uses a community-powered approach to deliver reliable and high-performing Linux, hybrid cloud, container and Kubernetes technologies. Since 2015, Cognizant and Red Hat have partnered to provide world-class services and support for the technologies our clients rely on. As equal believers in the value of collaboration, choice, control and freedom, Cognizant and Red Hat work well together. We help clients develop cloud-native applications, integrate existing and new IT applications, and automate and manage complex environments. 

As trusted advisors to the Fortune 500, Red Hat and Cognizant have been recognized for award-winning support, training and consulting services that bring the benefits of open innovation to any industry.

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Bringing our strengths together to serve you better.

Customers trust Cognizant to deliver the right cloud experience for their needs. Using Red Hat OpenShift, we can support a consistent hybrid-cloud foundation for building and running containerized applications. Red Hat OpenShift provides everything you need to quickly deliver exceptional experiences, regardless of where you deploy your applications. Essential features include container runtime, networking, monitoring, container registry, authentication and authorization for an enterprise-grade Linux operating system.

Red Hat Ansible Automation is a powerful tool that streamlines and automates enterprise IT environments. It manages the Ansible technology used by thousands of Red Hat and Cognizant powered organizations globally to automate IT tasks such as configuration management, provisioning, workflow orchestration, application deployment and life cycle management.

Because Ansible Automation codifies organizational processes and converts them into automated and governed workflows, it helps you better manage resources. It tags resources in a way that identifies when and how they were created—and by whom—and pinpoints what runs on, or has been deployed to, those resources.

Red Hat and Cognizant excel at helping our clients get the most out of their applications. Leveraging the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, we help you utilize new application architectures, reduce development cycles and expand your deployment options.


Our partners hold us to the highest standards.

They know what quality looks like. We’re proud to be recognized by our peers for delivering to the highest industry standards.

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