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Information for Suppliers

Cognizant’s suppliers are integral to our business, delivering goods and services that both enable our business operations and support us in serving our clients.

Whether you are an existing supplier or currently being on-boarded, this site should provide you with everything you need.

Cognizant buys goods and services in 8 key categories:

  • Workplace & Corporate Real Estate
  • Corporate Security
  • Financial Services
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Professional Services
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Travel & Global Mobility
Doing business with Cognizant

Our Global Procurement function sets the supplier strategy across different categories and regions, selecting and vetting suppliers, putting in place agreements and managing relationships so the business can draw on suppliers’ products and services to do their jobs.

If you are an existing or a new supplier to Cognizant, you will need to comply with the following policies and guidance:

On successful onboarding of the supplier, the business is free to transact with a supplier as and when needed. The approved suppliers may be contacted by various parts of the business requesting goods or services.

Supplier Diversity at Cognizant

Are you a diverse-owned business? Do you want to collaborate with Cognizant? Then, visit our Supplier Diversity Page to learn how.

Billing Cognizant and payment terms

While adding a new supplier to the Cognizant-approved supplier database, the Global Procurement team establishes payment terms. The Payment Terms in the database dictate when payments to suppliers will be made. Generally, Cognizant employs a "Net 90" payment term, meaning that the payment will be issued 90 days from the date that the suppliers’ invoice is received at the Accounts Payable address.

Cognizant’s Accounts Payable department is responsible for the timely processing of supplier invoices issued against approved purchase orders. Upon shipment of products or services performed as requested on the official purchase order, the supplier is required to submit all corresponding invoices in a timely manner directly to Accounts Payable (within 7 business days from shipment or service completion) as instructed on the purchase order.

As part of Cognizant's ongoing policy to continuously improve efficiency and service to customers and suppliers alike, we are implementing the next stage of our overall electronic strategy. The changes will affect how we send purchase orders (POs) and receive order confirmations and invoices to our accounts payable group.

For India, APAC, EMEA and North American regions

Cognizant uses the Ariba Network to transact with suppliers in North America and India. Ariba is easy to use and offers several benefits for Cognizant suppliers. The Ariba Network lets you do the following:

  • See all your Purchase Orders online and in one place
  • Submit your invoices directly, reducing error and speeding up payment times

Click here if you are new to Ariba and want to register for a standard account.

If you need information on how to navigate, upload invoices and other key features on Ariba:

Click here for APAC suppliers

Click here for EMEA suppliers

Click here for North America suppliers

Click here for India suppliers

Supplier Invoice Submission Guidelines: Click here for North America | Click here for India