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Our approach to public policy

We believe that the best solutions to the world’s problems require governments, industries, organizations and individuals to work together. We work as partners with governments, others in our industry, the broader business community and civil society to define public policies that support our operations, customers and communities. We also encourage our employees to be active in civic and community activities, including by participating in the political process on an individual basis. All of these activities must comply with applicable law and Cognizant’s Code of Ethics.

To learn more about our political engagement policies, including board and management oversight, please read our Political Activity Policy.

US political contributions

Corporate political contributions

We disclose all of our U.S. corporate contributions as part of our semi-annual Political Spend Reports. In accordance with U.S. federal election law, we do not use corporate funds for political contributions to federal candidates, national political parties or committees of such parties. We may make political contributions, including at the state or local level, where permitted by law.

2023 Full Year Political Spend Report

Trade associations

We participate in trade associations for a variety of reasons, including networking, building industry skills, civic participation and monitoring of industry policies and trends. Our participation in trade associations, including membership on a trade association board, does not mean that we agree with every position an association may take. At times, trade associations in which we participate may take positions that differ from ours. We disclose in our semi-annual Political Spend Reports (available elsewhere on this page) the identity of and dues paid to U.S. trade associations to which we have paid annual dues of $50,000 or more. 

Cognizant PAC

In the U.S., we maintain a non-partisan political action committee (PAC) that is registered with the Federal Election Commission (FEC). The PAC makes federal political contributions on a bipartisan basis to political parties, political committees and candidates. PAC contributions are funded entirely on a voluntary basis by eligible Cognizant employees. We report all PAC contributions in filings with the FEC on the commission's website. We report such contributions on our website for convenience as well.


At times, we discuss public policy issues with all levels of governments. Our employees provide government officials with information concerning our company’s operations, emerging technologies and markets, as well as on our views on public policy issues. When we determine it is in the best interest of our company, we provide governments with information and perspectives that support our point of view through lobbyists and grassroots lobbying communications. We disclose our U.S. federal, state and local lobbying activity and expenditures as required by law.