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Internet of Things

Sense change, optimize operations and mitigate risk with accelerated insight at quantum speed.

When data, deep expertise and real-time inputs meet to deliver instant insight—that’s intuition. When connected technologies work autonomously and continuously to create new value, exceptional experiences, and powerful collaboration—that’s intuition engineered with Cognizant IoT. We can transform your business into an IoT-enabled, intelligent enterprise that harnesses the power of connectivity—sustainably—to see ahead and stay ahead.


Smart connectivity extends the functionality of consumer, medical and industrial devices, creating new revenue streams while streamlining processes and delivering better experiences.

We develop smart solutions that transform industrial and production supply chains and operations, helping to reduce costs and accelerating time to market.

Intelligent solutions enable connected, shared and autonomous mobility in transportation and logistics, driving better efficiencies across the business ecosystem.

Connected solutions create intelligence across public and private buildings, factories and other related infrastructure, elevating experiences and driving sustainability. 

Cognizant is committed to helping companies get to net-zero and meet sustainability goals. Our solutions enable you to take action on core business-related changes involving products, supply chain, operations and real estate functions.

Our approach

We use a human-centric approach to solve your biggest challenges and improve everyday life. Across information and operational technology, we combine software, hardware and edge IoT technologies with engineering and security capabilities to help your business take advantage of the almost unlimited synergies between the physical and digital worlds.


Cold chain monitoring

What is cold chain monitoring?

Cold chain monitoring refers to using internet of things (IoT) technology to continually monitor temperature-sensitive products being transported in a “cold chain”—that is, a supply chain of perishable and/or temperature-sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals, biologics, food and beverages. Without proper monitoring, suboptimal conditions during transport and storage can damage the quality of these products. This can put people’s health and safety at risk and potentially damage a company’s brand, customer loyalty and bottom line.

What are the business benefits of cold chain monitoring?

Effective cold chain monitoring, leveraging an advanced IoT technology solution, offers multiple benefits. It helps enterprises and their transportation partners access and monitor real-time data to:

  • Quickly detect product temperature problems and minimize damage by troubleshooting or rerouting payloads to refrigerated warehouses or dispatching crews to repair malfunctioning equipment.
  • Keep track of all cold chain products from a single technology platform, receive alerts when temperatures breach optimal settings and take corrective action before product spoils.
  • Improve predictive maintenance, compliance, remote monitoring, fleet management, and predictive quality and usage analysis by integrating sensor data with supply chain management, regulatory reporting and other platforms.
Cognizant named a 2021 global Leader in Internet of Things—Services and Solutions

In its “Provider Lens™ Internet of Things—Services and Solutions—Global 2021” report, ISG ranks Cognizant as a Leader for IT/OT Tech Data Convergence and AI on the Edge.

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