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Today’s markets demand flexible technologies for index operations and investor services.

Partner with our teams to gain a deeper understanding of market impacts and to implement data analytics and data integrity solutions that address exchanges’ challenges.

Targeted solutions

Smart packaged solutions to transform for the digital age.

Front-Office Optimization

Our family of digital solutions and services boost advisor productivity and organizational effectiveness across lines of business and booking centers.

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Additional capabilities

Reduce start-up time and dependency

Reengineer and transform trading platforms to automate system start-up processes. Cognizant Trading Platform Transformation enables exchanges to rapidly roll out new enhancements and reduce end-of-day activities.

Cognizant Trading Platform Transformation includes:

  • Automation of the startup process, which reduces manual intervention and startup dependency
  • End-of-day purging of cache and partitioning of database to help manage data manipulation and rebuild the application cache for the startup of the trading system.

Gain the advantages of digital CMS

Migrate investor relations websites from legacy web hosting environments to next-generation platforms. Partner with our teams to implement value-adds and to optimize overall migration, helping to speed delivery. 

Cognizant Content Migration includes:

  • Automated conversion of content from legacy format 
  • Predictive analytics to avoid issues in conversion/development cycle prior to the start of testing
  • Solution for clearing cache issues in the cloud hosting platform, with automated email alert for thresholds to proactively monitor and solve issues

Speed system performance, lower costs

Cognizant Legacy Exchange Transformation comprises an open standards-based trading platform that can serve as a unified platform for all markets. It offers fault tolerance and enhanced system capabilities with reduced total cost of ownership.

Our Legacy Exchange Transformation includes faster system performance as a result of development and deployment of self-healing, fault-tolerant platform, using proprietary algorithms for tasks like orders matching and trade creation, journal records indexing and retrieval, and ultra-high throughput for inter-process message transfers.


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Serving customers by looking forward as well as back is a big promise, but the power of today’s new digital capabilities is vast and growing.

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