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Future-proof your operations

Combine domain knowledge with digital and Industry 4.0 technologies to optimize operations across the enterprise.
How do today’s businesses achieve resilient operations? With smart IoT solutions that speed Industry 4.0 transformation. A trusted partner to global companies, Cognizant helps you unlock your IoT technology investments and advance your sourcing programs, raising business performance to a whole new level.
You can rely on our proven track record with frameworks, reference architectures and roadmaps—as well as services that support across multiple locations, manufacturing systems and product lines.


Cognizant accelerates companies’ value realization from Industry 4.0 technologies by transforming their operations to deliver production efficiency, speed to market, higher customer satisfaction and new business model creation.

Real-time visibility

Cognizant Smart Manufacturing builds intelligence into production systems to provide real-time visibility and self-optimization into manufacturing operations. We apply the right information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) solutions at scale. This means embedding these technologies with automation and data and analytics to deliver production resilience that brings you increased process efficiencies and enhanced failure predictability. The result: Reduced downtime and extended system value.

Cognizant has industry-wide experience in transforming production operations. Leveraging our best-in class Cognizant OnePlant Methodology, we help you define and map your strategic smart manufacturing vision to quickly identify how new technologies can improve your operations. Our pre-built accelerators rebalance IT and OT solutions to increase productivity, mitigate costs and improve waste control. Our Smart Manufacturing solutions can scale from a single production operation to multiple global sites and locations.

Transform your grid

Powered by multiple Centers of Excellence, we deliver cross-functional solutions and enable grid transformation for some of the world’s largest utilities. Our innovative digital solutions provide complete implementation and systems integration—improving operational efficiency, optimizing costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

Cognizant implements solutions to modernize the grid and manage assets and outages by integrating smart devices with control, asset performance management, advanced distribution management systems (ADMS), Geo Information Systems (GIS) and fleet management systems. Our clients benefit from planning strategies that drive down costs and better use their assets.

Reinforcing the pipeline

Cognizant Smart Supply Chain helps businesses enable automation, connect with vendors, create intelligent products and build real-time visibility into manufacturing operations. These operations include smart warehouses, distribution centers and cold chain storage.

Combining technology solutions with supply chain and vertical market experience—including food, beverage and pharma industries—we simplify complexity and help you evaluate, select, implement or develop solutions that add business value and agility. We deliver tighter integration between warehouse execution systems and material handling equipment, as well as orchestrate a higher automation level in warehouses and distribution centers.

Oil & gas goes digital

We help oil and gas leaders go digital to deliver more energy options, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. Our upstream expertise helps businesses conceptualize and implement new digital platforms. Our midstream solutions leverage the latest digital capabilities spanning remote surveillance, subsea monitoring and pipeline inspection. And our downstream capabilities include enabling refinery operators, secondary distributors and retailers to make better decisions that generate new value and growth.

Cognizant’s Connected Energy solution helps companies improve efficiency with asset management, equipment effectiveness, operations optimization, sustainability, energy environment monitoring, digital workforce mobility, operational intelligence platform, remote pipeline monitoring and predictive maintenance.

Solution enablers

Operations+ employs a proven toolkit based on best practices and design principles from 50 Fortune 500 clients.

Enablers span advisory services followed by technology and integration and then support. Two reference models serve as solution enablers:

  • Cognizant® Asset Performance Excellence, a proprietary IIoT solution that allows remote monitoring and predictive maintenance of assets
  • OnePlant™, a proprietary solution framework that leverages Industry 4.0 concepts for transforming plant operations

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