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Industry 4.0 is changing the landscape of companies’ design, manufacture and service of products.

PTC’s technologies, combined with Cognizant’s IoT and industry expertise, are changing how companies like yours leverage IIoT solutions to drive innovation, improve your business outcomes and build a smart, connected enterprise.

The IIoT is reshaping industries and competitive landscapes, because market leaders have recognized its ability to improve business outcomes. If you want to better understand who is using the IIoT, and how it’s transforming their business, ask PTC and Cognizant.

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Bringing our strengths together to serve you better.

Having disconnected enterprise systems and siloes throughout the product development process can make it difficult for stakeholders to find the information they need—or give them complete insight into what data is already available to them. PTC’s PLM platform and Cognizant’s modern approach serve as a strategy to implement multi-system data orchestration, so your team can break down those siloes, reduce time to market, decrease costs, improve quality and further drive innovation. And with AR Design Share, it's easier than ever to share designs with disparate teammates—to scale and within its physical environment—all while protecting IP.

Changing market demands, workforce needs, and cost and competitive pressures are challenging manufacturers to find new ways to do things better, faster and cheaper without disrupting operations.

Leaders in manufacturing are deploying Industry 4.0 solutions to transform products, processes and people, unleashing new levels of productivity, innovation and profitability.

Our joint clients are leveraging industrial IoT and augmented reality solutions to redefine the way products are manufactured and serviced, and creating new levels of worker productivity. If you’re seeking to better understand the leading practices and value being driven by proven accelerators, ask about Cognizant Connected Factory, Cognizant OnePlant and APEx, built on ThingWorx and Microsoft Azure. Learn more.

Augmented reality (AR) technology is transforming the way companies service products—and fast. Cognizant and PTC are building applications to transform conventional field services by:

  • Improving productivity and performance of service technicians. Remote assistance apps enabled by AR create a “you see what I see” collaboration between less-experienced on-site technicians and off-site experts—increasing depth of knowledge for the case and decreasing cost of service. Field engineers gather data and diagnose issues by leveraging digital service manuals and collaborating with peers using smart devices.
  • Automating routing engines to immediately accept work orders and allocate field resources based on priority, real-time worker availability and the skills needed. Assign service appointments and track technicians and engineers in the field using GPS. This dynamic scheduling boosts productivity while reducing customer wait times and total cost of service.
  • Powering immersive training experiences for field service personnel to ensure investments in new product development.

Our partners hold us to the highest standards.

They know what quality looks like. We’re proud to be recognized by our peers for delivering to the highest industry standards.

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