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Speed ROI and governance for your AI investments

Our unified, scalable Cognizant MLOps platform helps businesses cut operating costs and simplify the development of AI/ML and generative AI models. The solution reduces data scientist workloads while our deep talent pool eases staffing challenges. Leverage our well-tested frameworks to enhance time to value, with robust data governance, testing and security capabilities that keep models fair, trustworthy and secure.
Reduce data scientist resource strain
Reduce data scientist resource strain

Cognizant MLOps helps data scientists operate top-of-line, while our robust bench of AI/ML and generative AI talent alleviates the burden for clients to build their own teams.

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Optimize AI/ML and generative AI investments
Optimize AI/ML and generative AI investments

From identifying the right opportunities for immediate impact to providing well-tested frameworks to shorten time to value, we support clients through all stages of the AI/ML and generative AI journey.

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Create fair, trustworthy and secure models
Create fair, trustworthy and secure models

Robust data governance and rigorous testing create secure, ethical, and trustworthy models, while our training encourages adoption and use.

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3 keys to enterprise-wide gen AI adoption in healthcare

Hear from Cognizant’s Scott Johnson on the three Rs healthcare organizations can employ to leverage generative AI technology responsibly.

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Generative AI: New work, new world

New research by Cognizant and Oxford Economics assesses the prospective impact of gen AI in healthcare and recommends strategies to achieve that potential.

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Generative AI and the future of work

This new report explores viable applications of generative AI, the risks of applying it and steps organizations can take to overcome them.

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Industry accolades

#1 in Top 10 Healthcare Services 2020 by HFS Research
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Leader in Forrester Wave for AI Consultancies
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