Managed services and process automation for proactive expense management

Financial institutions execute millions of trades a day—and generate millions of broker, exchange and custodian fees. Many still rely on manual settlement processes and legacy technology.
By centrally storing and digitizing all rate agreements, Cognizant® Fees and Billing enables your bank to automate reconciliation and exception management. You also gain the ability to generate analytics on global business functions. The result is more holistic management, and improved accuracy and transparency.
Cognizant Fees and Billing, with the acquisition of Cognizant’s partner, Meritsoft, provides banking clients with a fully integrated managed service featuring intelligent automation software. This powerful capability enables Cognizant to work with your team to redefine the way you inventory, validate, settle and optimize fees.
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How a bank improved data integrity—and saved millions in operational costs


Jerome Dumaine

Vice President, BFS, Global Capital Markets Strategy and Solutions

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