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Experience Services

Experiences that feel intuitive

Personalization is entering a renaissance with generative AI and the rapid evolution of technology. The fundamental ways that we experience brands through digital touchpoints is changing forever—as we use less UI and more UX.

Delivering intuitive CX requires businesses to deliver moments that matter using innovation, dynamic product and service design and orchestrated technology enablement. We can partner with you to make this possible.

Business outcomes and strong ROI

Some of the results we’ve delivered

Seven themes shaping the future of experience

The landscape of brand touchpoints and experiences shifts daily with new technology, new innovators and new consumer preferences. We sat down to explore over 200 signals of change, pinpointing seven major themes shaping the future of how brands are experienced.

Focus areas of our work

Experience solutions for the modern enterprise

Our experience-led offerings traverse the entire customer lifecycle and drive value across industries. We help the world’s biggest corporations more effectively:

  • Understand their customers
  • Enable their employees
  • Scale personalized, relevant and valuable experiences

Growth happens by connecting with both customers and employees

We can help you grow by identifying, engaging and activating customers and employees. We can partner with you to:

Find new markets and customers

The rapid pace of change due to exponential leaps in technology, near-perfect access to information and free-flowing capital markets creates opportunities for companies to enter new markets and reach new customers.

We are experts in interpreting weak signals, identifying trends, defining market potential and determining the appetite of customers for a product or service.

Create desirable products and services

The digitization of products and services allows for nearly infinite customizations to meet the needs of users. And customer expectations rarely differ across industries.

We identify needs through a broad variety of research techniques, translate these needs into moments that matter—and then rapidly prototype and continually optimize products and services to deliver value.

Deepen customer relations

Customer loyalty is harder to earn and easier to erase in today’s economy. There are more options available, and switching costs are typically low.

We know loyalty is a companywide endeavor, and we help you understand the data your customers generate, create easy ways to engage, personalize each interaction and drive consistency across all channels.

Enable high-performing teams

Employees, more than any physical asset or automated process, are the key ingredient to any growth agenda. Today’s talent market is tight, and companies must double their efforts to elevate satisfaction.

We understand employees the same way we understand customers. We know what matters most in the employee journey and learning usually tops the list.

Content fuels personalized experiences

Every interaction a brand has with a customer or employee is an opportunity to develop a relationship. Those opportunities are won or lost depending on a company’s ability to connect with audiences through content that is relevant, timely and compelling.

Making connections that last requires organizations to personalize content and determine the channels where customers want to receive those messages. To scale this personalization, enterprises must successfully orchestrate people, creativity, data, insights and technology, all while optimizing content creation and delivery through a global operating model.

We take a human-centric approach to help companies define the strategies necessary to meet evolving customer and employee expectations. We build and run the content and digital experience platforms that our creative studios use to produce and distribute campaigns and content at scale, and they’re powered by a suite of proprietary AI-automation tools that eliminate inefficiencies and improve time to market.

The future of commerce is powered by intuition

Consumers expect personalized experiences that help them meet their needs quickly and intuitively. In retail or insurance, healthcare or travel, or even industrial machinery—consumers look for personalized and seamless interactions regardless of channel.

Managing larger transaction volumes and more complex individual needs means companies must approach omnichannel commerce with new thinking and new capabilities. Cognizant can help you create intuitive experiences that drive brand engagement and convert shoppers into long-term customers.

At Cognizant, we know that designing and building a modern digital architecture to meet ever-changing customer expectations is a critical investment that requires an experienced partner. We help companies orchestrate and optimize their omnichannel commerce needs by engineering intuitive experiences that inspire customer loyalty and deliver value to the bottom line.

How we go farther with clients

When partnering with Cognizant for experience services, our clients expect us to deliver measurable business value. That means insight at speed, the foresight to enable predictive change and an unshaken commitment to quality. We apply the smart usage of tech to drive efficiency in experience delivery and collaborative ownership over vision and outcomes.

Our services are people-led and backed by IP and processes that accelerate our work to get more done, in less time and with better results.


Customer experience journey

What is a customer experience journey?

The customer experience (CX) journey refers to the complete sum of interactions that a customer has with a company, end to end—from brand discovery to purchase and post-purchase.

What are the business benefits of an effective CX journey?

A company that successfully maps out the journey that its customers take can realize multiple business benefits, including:

  • Understanding. An effective CX journey map helps business leaders walk in their customers’ shoes and find ways to improve, and even customize, each customer’s experience with the company.
  • Efficiency. A thoughtfully planned CX journey can pinpoint process inefficiencies and redundancies that, if remedied, can reduce the cost of customer service and other operational areas.
  • Brand loyalty. CX journey mapping can create a positive customer experience with a company—engendering loyalty and incentivizing customers to keep coming back to the brand.
  • ROMI. A successful CX journey can dramatically accelerate sales cycles, increase cross-sell/upsell revenue, create revenue streams from customer referrals and boost return on marketing investment (ROMI).

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From designing the journey, to developing key touchpoints or personalizing continuous engagements with active customers, Cognizant can help.

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