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It's time to take action

From how things get done to how brands are experienced, the potential for generative AI to transform every corner of modern business is real. And yet, for many enterprise decision-makers, the vast potential and numerous unknowns leads to indecision and adoption paralysis. There's a better path forward.

Leveraging Cognizant's award-winning leadership in modern engineering, data analytics and artificial intelligence as well as hyperscaler alliances, Neuro™ AI accelerates every phase of generative AI adoption for enterprise business.

An end-to-end platform for enterprise-grade AI

Neuro AI is a platform for accelerating understanding, consumption and customization of state-of-the-art generative AI models to develop enterprise-grade solutions. Drive business outcomes in a flexible, secure, scalable and responsible way with maximum visibility and governance. Whether 'human in the loop' AI-augmented processes for accelerated productivity, models finding new insights in your data, or autonomous agents scaling services within your business, Neuro AI is built to bring enterprise generative AI strategy to life at a faster speed and in the right ways.

Key benefits of the platform

Shorten the time from idea to launch

AI powered tooling to accelerate ideation, design, engineering and deployment of combined data and software solutions.​

Adopt, fine tune, and augment

Take the leading AI models, train and fine tune on your data and then enhance with context, memory, plugins, etc.​

Deploy AI within complete solutions

Plug AI agents into workflows, microservices and app stores to power knowledge and process worker use cases.​

AI Control Plane for governance, visibility

Manage access to AI features and functions for appropriate users. Ensure AI tools are registered, audited and explainable.


Partner with us

Utilizing the Neuro AI platform, our team of expert AI practitioners, domain and industry consultants, software engineers and hyperscaler specialists works collaboratively with you to assess readiness, identify opportunities, and plan for the future of business with generative AI.

Explore the suddenly possible

Step into Cognizant Studios to accelerate pace of change with the insights and guidance of our AI and software engineering solution architects.

Woman working in technology center, looking at screen
Train, build and launch new value streams

Safely configure a wide variety of leading AI models and services for enterprise-grade solutions like co-pilots and generative AI agents that drive new capability.

Go forward securely with visibility and control

Every layer of the process is governed by the Neuro AI Control Plane for automated delivery operations, governance and risk management, and access control.

Cognizant’s Advanced AI Lab augments AI-based decision-making

Our research team is improving AI driven decision-making by creating new methods that integrate various AI types to model complex situations and suggest solutions optimized for specific performance indicators.

Start with the Neuro AI Accelerator

Neuro AI provides a complete toolkit ​to adopt, adapt, build, and scale AI-powered applications for business value. Our Neuro AI Accelerator is a 6-8 week program to define near, medium and long-term actions and propel AI programs forward.​ ​​

Join us in the Studio to get hands-on with advanced AI use-cases, build understanding of opportunities and readiness and prioritize next steps for your business.

Continue the conversation

To discuss how your organization can leverage Neuro AI as a platform for accelerating generative AI adoption, please fill out the information below and we’ll contact you.