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Business Process Services

Embrace continuous change

The playbook for growth is being re-written. Digital innovators are entering the market at an astonishing rate, introducing radically new offers and re-setting the bar for simplicity and personalization. To harness new opportunities and anticipate risk, businesses old and new need a different kind of operations.
We blend data and technology with industry depth, process expertise and human ingenuity to deliver intuitive operations that help our clients be ready for the unexpected.

Accelerating your innovation

Intelligent Process Automation

Yesterday’s operating model won’t deliver tomorrow’s wins. Connect your processes, people and insights across the enterprise with intelligent process automation (IPA) for breakthrough performance at lower costs. Our experts partner with you to design new ways of working that maximize the potential of automation. Together, we reimagine processes with human and digital intelligence to accelerate transformation and help your business sense the future.


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Cognizant Neuro

Cognizant Neuro® is an automation fabric that weaves talent, new ways of working, domain knowledge and technology together in an intelligent, holistic way. The result is digital, AI-infused, efficient and adaptive operations that deliver exceptional experiences for modern businesses.

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Digital Disruptors

Scale fast with an efficient operational backbone. We’ve helped Silicon Valley trailblazers accelerate customer acquisition and quickly expand their services portfolio. We can help you test, tune and repeat in the race toward your untapped opportunity.

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Enterprise solutions

Industry solutions

Empower the future of finance

We help banking companies drive new operating models to boost revenue and control costs.

Enable transformation

We enable buy-side and sell-side segments to gain flexibility, increase profitability, and implement solutions that deepen customer loyalty.

Activate experiences to inspire

For telecommunications companies, we closely couple operations to business practices, enabling them to be more aligned, responsive and closer to customers' demands.

Augment processes to heal patients

Digitizing healthcare processes puts the focus of operations back to where it should be—on patient care.

Claim your digital advantage

We allow insurers to improve current processes and reimagine new operating models that drive growth and reduce risk.

Expand the influence of science

We support new ways of working that help life sciences companies improve processes, adopt new technologies and increase competitiveness in today’s global markets.

Innovate for success

Industry best practices and digital technologies like robotic process automation, cloud-based platforms and analytics can help manufacturers can jumpstart productivity. Areas of our focus include finance and accounting, remote asset monitoring, supply chain management and customer service.

Amplify, captivate, engage.

We help leading media and entertainment companies humanize processes at the heart of their businesses to provide more personalized and compelling customer experiences.

Energize your business model

Our oil and gas platforms span finance and accounting solutions, asset management, mobility and process automation capabilities. Each leverages Cognizant’s domain and digital skills to drive aggressive automation.

Inspire shopping agility

Continuous price fluctuations, stiff competition and ever-changing demands for more innovative products continue to challenge retailers. By digitizing retail processes, companies can respond faster and better to customer needs and market signals.

Global agile operations

We couple cutting-edge technologies with human-centric elements that enable you to deliver a superior digital platform experience.

Unlock supply chain value

Working with Cognizant and leading partner solutions, we use the latest digital tools to optimize operations in finance and accounting, digital process automation, remote asset monitoring, supply chain management, and more.

Mobilize effortless travel

Our services leverage the latest digital technologies to help our travel and hospitality clients better connect processes with the customer experience and decrease operational costs.

New choices for customers

Utilities today regard the customer experience as a critical element in winning and retaining loyal customers. Our utilities platforms help you create a digital-first strategy based on experience management, automation and artificial intelligence.


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Serving customers by looking forward as well as back is a big promise, but the power of today’s new digital capabilities is vast and growing.

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