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Today, travel, food service, restaurants and hospitality companies are challenged to transform operating models, which are critical for activating and managing interactive and on-site guest experiences that are responsive to customers’ needs.
To succeed, companies must reinvent business operations and harness cloud, data, automation and AI to improve efficiency and agility. These domains help create customer-centric operations that adapt quickly to customer demands, industry trends and disruptions. Data and AI must also be leveraged to innovate and personalize loyalty programs, and lobby and guest experience. 
Cognizant combines digital platforms and capabilities with proven industry expertise to help companies create engaging experiences with the lowest total cost of ownership, reducing costs and minimizing financial risks.


Real Estate & Property Services
Real Estate & Property Services

Implement digital operations to improve efficiency, agility and intelligence, streamline and automate administration processes and innovate products and services for growth.

Restaurants & Food Services
Restaurants & Food Services

Transform business processes to simplify workflow, improve agility and make customer service and finance processes adaptable to constant change.

Travel Intermediaries
Travel Intermediaries

Implement managed services to reduce cost, improve efficiency and productivity, and apply data and insights to innovate products, service and customer experiences.

Travel Suppliers
Travel Suppliers

Apply business process transformation to innovate in-person and digital guest experiences, and improve efficiency, agility and intelligence to grow revenue.


reduction in in-store troubleshooting for restaurants with intelligent support services

Offerings and platforms

Speed to scale with digital platforms

We provide services that help travel companies reinvent finance operations, enhance the customer experience and automate routine tasks at speed and scale.

Treat your customers right

Achieve new revenue-generating opportunities for your organization with next-generation customer service. We enable you to deliver proactive, predictive interactions across all your customers’ preferred channels to deliver more efficient, effective and enriched experiences.

Digitally transform finance and accounting

Transform finance and accounting operations into a value generator for your organization. Apply next-generation digital capabilities to enhance existing investments and turn procure-to-pay, order-to-cash, record-to-report and financial planning into valuable business insights.

Centralize and personalize to-go ordering

Cognizant’s Digital Restaurant Order Management transforms fragmented operations. Our centralized order management, integrated point-of-sale capabilities and use of data to hyper-personalize each customer interaction are all supported by our extensive in-depth industry, business process and technology expertise. Scalable and ready-to-deploy, this solution is powered by our specialists and cutting-edge technology and can be delivered from anywhere in the world with all the capabilities of in-house staff. Plus, we’ll collaborate with your business to tailor a solution for your restaurant that maximizes revenue, reduces call abandonment and increases customer satisfaction.

Let digital mind the store

Ensure uptime of stores to reduce revenue leakage and employee downtime and to increase customer satisfaction. Digital store support services enable quicker issue resolution and faster checkouts.

Why IPA? Greater ROI

Elevate workforce productivity by automating specific functions as well as end-to-end business operations. Leveraging leading automation platforms, we partner with you to improve workforce productivity and streamline customer experiences to drive business performance and growth.

Improve campaigns, optimize ROI

Improve campaign effectiveness to maximize value and return on investment. Utilize data-driven insights to advance and develop your products and services, resulting in increased customer satisfaction, usage and business growth.

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