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April 26, 2023

What it will take to build the city of the future

A future-ready city needs to be not just ‘smart’ but also resilient. Our research reveals six imperatives for cities to fulfill their future-ready vision.

For years, cities have pursued a “smart city” label. And with the increasingly widespread availability of 5G, the smart city is more of a reality than ever before.

But the terminology needs an update. In addition to gaining “more smarts,” cities need to be future-ready—and that goes beyond technology adoption. Becoming a future-ready city requires building the foundation to be resilient in the face of both predictable and unpredictable challenges and adapting to fast-changing social and economic situations.

A recent research study conducted by ThoughtLab and co-sponsored by Cognizant, we found the city of the future will need not just 5G and a range of other technologies—it will also require strong ecosystems of local governments, infrastructure providers and integrators, as well as sophisticated data management capabilities.

The study also found that today, both of these elements are lacking, and survey respondents are feeling the brunt of these shortcomings.

The following ebook reveals six key imperatives that cities can embrace to become future-ready:


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