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Advanced digital technologies have given upstream providers the weapons they need to execute quick business pivots. Cognizant’s upstream solutions and services are focused on unlocking new business value while exceeding current operational needs.

Our deep industry expertise and digital focus enable our upstream customers to conceptualize and implement new digital platforms. Cognizant customers benefit from our cross-industry expertise, including product engineering skills honed in our technology verticals and supply chain expertise from our worldwide logistics practice.
Digital hydrocarbon accounting platform provides 100% accuracy in allocation and revenue reporting.

An over reliance on human effort to prepare production data led this American oil major to Cognizant, where we harmonized business processes and implemented a digital hydrocarbon accounting platform.

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Targeted solutions

Smart packaged solutions that help upstream providers transform for the digital age.

Digital Workforce Mobility

A mobile operations platform that offers efficiency, control and predictability in yard operations.

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Operations Intelligence Platform

Operations Intelligence Platform (OIP) helps field operations managers improve decision making, access more timely data and remain alert to possible problems.

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Additional capabilities

Minimize uncertainties, maximize agility

This service helps our customers in the exploration and production, oil field services and engineering market segments to address the industry’s uncertainties and complexities. Key offerings include:

  • Digital/Integrated Operations Strategy—Provides support in establishing the digital or integrated operations strategy and implementing digital solutions to maximize the benefits of digital oil field programs.
  • Technology Consulting Services—Helps companies define, design and execute technology architectures to drive agility, speed and automation.
  • Process Excellence Services—Helps enterprises be more innovative and efficient by stepping through major changes faster and without massive organizational upheaval.
  • Portfolio/Program Management Services—Delivers alignment of the project and program portfolio against the enterprise strategy to ensure maximum return on portfolio investment.
  • Mergers Acquisition & Divestiture Services—Helps manage complex M&A activities and divestiture programs, including IT integration and separation consulting.

Drive operational excellence in the field

Cognizant’s Intelligent Oil Fields (IOF) offering drives operational excellence by enabling data-driven decisions, enhanced collaboration and communications, and improved environmental and personnel safety. Our approach is derived from years of experience in supporting complex intelligent oil field programs while working with multiple oil field service (OFS) players around the world. Our offerings include:

  • E&P Data Management—Helps organizations visualize and derive business value through structured and unstructured data generated throughout the lifecycle of field development.
  • Integrated Operations—Builds a collaborative and remote operating environment with seamless integration across people, work processes and technology landscapes.
  • Decision Support Systems—Establishes real-time visibility, control and effectiveness through predictive business operations.
  • Geographical Information Systems—Integrates GIS platform implementation, integration and support services.
  • Process Control and Automation—Provides an end-to-end solution that services the IT landscape across SCADA, industrial control systems, plant maintenance systems, historians, MES and enterprise asset management systems.
  • Hydrocarbon Accounting and Production Reporting—Includes package selection and analysis, product implementation and customization, functional validation/testing, and product maintenance and support.

Optimize your field operations

Cognizant has a reputation for delivering innovative, customer-focused engineering and field development solutions that help upstream customers operate more efficiently. Our solutions reduce time to first oil and number of engineering hours. They also improve automation and optimization, from concept appraisal to front-end engineering design (FEED), through detailed engineering, fabrication and commissioning of assets.

Smart engineering and field development services help customers to minimize the overall project cost and manual aspects of interdisciplinary collaboration through next-gen engineering and capital project support tools and services. Among our offerings are:

  • Plant Engineering and Design—2D/3D CAD services and automation, engineering data management, simulation and analyses, digital twin and augmented reality solutions.
  • Capital Projects Management—Opportunity definition, option appraisal, project/program design and mobilization, PMO office, application portfolio optimization, health check and audits, decision quality reviews, change management, workforce collaboration and knowledge management, supply chain management and procurement.
  • Smarter Construction—Digital enablement of processes and field-force, IoT, yard logistics and material tracking, construction robotics, drones, surveillance, wearables, EH&S solutions, inspection and compliance, commissioning.
  • Product Engineering and Prototyping Services—Equipment engineering, prototyping and testing, instrumentation and control systems, OEM and product capabilities, PLM product implementation and support.
  • IoT and IT/OT Enablement—Connected ecosystem, IT/OT integration.

Focus on IT efficiency

Today’s volatile business environment in oil and gas puts a clear focus on optimization and finding new ways of working. Among the business goals driving efficiency is the need to maintain lower development and production costs, application rationalization and transformation, the integration of existing IT portfolios needed to support digitalization, and flow efficiency. All are top priorities for industry players.

As a result, outsourcing standard, non-core petrotechnical domain and application management services is emerging as a strategic opportunity. Cognizant currently supports a range of industry-specific and leading petrotechnical applications providing end-to-end support and maintenance services across the following domains:

  • Petrotechnical Applications Management—Deployment, maintenance and administration of specialized E&P applications such as subsurface apps, reservoir management and drilling and production apps.
  • Portfolio, Licenses and Vendor Management—Petrotechnical application portfolio rationalization and optimization, product evaluation and recommendations.
  • Integration and Tech Modernization—Integration, customization and modernization of specialized E&P applications and data.

Enhance the customer experience, simplify operations

Our upstream business process services and platforms offerings focus on enhancing the customer experience and simplifying business operations. They are designed to help upstream enterprises shift from a capital expense (CapEx) upfront investment model to an operational expense (OpEx) model with predictable monthly fees. Services include:

  • Upstream HR and Payroll Services—Payroll and tax reporting, travel and expense, pension and employee benefit administration.
  • Finance and Accounting Service—Source to pay/order to cash/record to report, financial planning and analysis, F&A Consulting.
  • Sourcing & Procurement—Analysis and cost management, sourcing support, procurement operations, vendor and contract management.
  • Document Control and Information Management—Capture and imaging, content and process management, search and collaboration, record management and archival.

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