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Together with Microsoft, we provide the modernization blueprint, resources and agility needed to propel your business forward.

The Cognizant Microsoft Business Group (MBG) is an end-to-end solutions and managed services provider focused on providing constant innovation and business value. Leveraging our extensive experience with the Microsoft Cloud platform, we advance your cloud modernization journey with focus, simplicity and scale.

The Cognizant MBG’s specialized team of experts is committed to guiding you on your path as a digital disruptor by employing modern technology solutions. Freed from the constraints of legacy platforms, you’ll respond faster to changing market conditions today and seize new opportunities tomorrow.

Cognizant MBG's platform native, ready-to-use Digital Operating Model powers your ongoing transformation efforts. Based on Microsoft's Cloud Adoption Framework, the Digital Operating Model provides the blueprint and resources needed to realize your digital future.

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Get help solving your most complex business problems

Design human-centric processes

The complexity of navigating and managing organizational change demands careful planning, strategic execution and an experienced partner. Our change management experts are skilled in understanding your business goals and company culture. We can help you determine how change will impact your organization and uncover business opportunities that can be gained in the process.

We create a comprehensive plan that includes the training, technology and methodologies needed to successfully evolve your business and improve employee productivity.

Work smarter with Copilot

Copilot for Microsoft 365 combines the power of large language models (LLMs) with your data in the Microsoft Graph and the Microsoft 365 apps. It turns natural language into a powerful tool, helping teams get more done faster in Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, and other Microsoft 365 applications.

Embrace the potential of this generative AI assistant to enhance workflows, unleash creativity and boost collaboration to elevate productivity while maintaining peace of mind with enterprise-grade security and our approach to responsible AI.

Adopt Copilot for Microsoft 365 and spend more time focused on what matters.

Code faster, with confidence

Github Copilot integrates into your coding workflow and provides real-time AI assistance across popular programming languages and frameworks to streamline code writing and debugging.

Copilot can accelerate development by generating code snippets, offering insightful suggestions and adapting to the developer’s coding style. Augment your team’s expertise and enable them to code smarter, faster and with unparalleled confidence.

Embrace the future of programming with GitHub Copilot.

Apply modern, connected applications

Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables a hyperconnected enterprise that brings data, processes and teams together with intelligent customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications.

With Dynamics 365, businesses can quickly turn relationships into revenue, drive authentic customer engagements and maximize productivity across the organization. Dynamics 365 offers custom integration capabilities, built-in predictive analytics and AI-powered insights to transform the way you do business.

We provide comprehensive Dynamics 365 services, from new implementations to migrations, integrations and enhancements to existing systems.

Support for hybrid workers

Microsoft 365 transforms workplace productivity with innovative applications and cloud services that help employees thrive in a hybrid work era. The customizable suite combines best-in-class productivity applications with built-in security and compliance tools, and voice and analytics capabilities.

Get familiar Microsoft Office applications, plus cloud-based email, calendars, meetings, chat and voice calling, intranet, file storage and more.

Let us help your organization unlock the full potential of Microsoft 365’s productivity, analytics and security tools to create a unique workplace and a secure, collaborative home in the cloud.

Elevate employee experiences

Microsoft Viva is a complete employee experience platform built for the hybrid work era. Designed to meet the needs of a modern workforce, Viva provides a hub for learning, tools to increase productivity and wellbeing resources that fit naturally into the workday.

Cognizant brings the knowledge and expertise to help you build a healthy, productive workplace with tools that encourage connections, inspire contribution and drive alignment across your organization.

Get personalized employee insights that support individual wellbeing and personal growth. Equip supervisors with management insights that help them build a positive and highly-productive team culture.

Best-in-class collaboration

Microsoft Teams is the gold standard for secure workplace communication and collaboration. A true productivity power tool, Teams empowers your workforce with everything it needs to collaborate—from conversations to meetings and video conferences.

We’re here to help your organization get the most out of Microsoft Teams by leveraging the latest new features Microsoft is continually adding and empowering your teams with best-in-class tools.

Our cloud experts can help you plan, deploy, configure, manage, secure and govern your work environment and integrated workloads to provide a comprehensive ecosystem for collaboration.

Increase developer velocity

Microsoft offers DevOps tools for end-to-end application lifecycles, from planning and development to delivery and ongoing operations. GitHub, the world’s leading developer platform, seamlessly integrates with Azure, enabling developers to easily create code-to-cloud workflows.

Get a security-first developer experience, plan and track with Azure Boards and adopt a rapid release cadence to achieve greater business value.

We’re here to help you implement the right tools and processes to maximize developer velocity and business value. Break down silos across your organization with innersourcing to understand process and collaboration among teams and operate more securely with open-source best practices.

Low-code applications and automation

Microsoft Power Platform is a powerful application toolset that drives sustainable innovation deep within an organization. It enables citizen developers to fuel growth and solve business challenges with custom, low-code solutions, automated processes and data intelligence.

Quickly build applications and automated workflows with hundreds of pre-defined and custom data sources without relying strictly on IT departments.

Power Platform uses Azure and custom capabilities that can be extended by developers to encompass proprietary and on-premises systems. Provide citizen developers with all the benefits of Microsoft Power Platform without sacrificing security and oversight.

Rely on a trusted cloud platform

More than 95% of Fortune 500 companies rely on Microsoft Azure to do business, making it the platform of choice. Infused with Microsoft’s deep understanding of what industries need from hyperscalers, Azure is built from the ground up to fuel continuous innovation, maximize IT investments and enable businesses to be future-ready.

Azure features hundreds of platform-native tools, endless integration capabilities and reliable cloud services to solve business challenges and drive innovation.

Let our team of experts help with your migration and cloud-native applications.

Modern cloud native applications

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) provides developers with a platform for modernizing legacy applications and building new applications without needing to worry about infrastructure. Best practices are built in, ensuring applications are portable, secure, scalable and efficient.

Applications built on AKS can handle spikes in demand with instant, elastic scaling to provide users with reliable experiences. Developers can deliver code faster with built-in DevOps tools. These benefits ensure your organization can innovate and adapt more quickly to changing marketplace demands by tapping into IoT functionality, machine learning and more.

Manage and protect network activity

Microsoft Windows is the world’s most popular desktop operating system. Built for modern workplace productivity, Windows offers mobility and security features that simplify IT management and help keep hybrid or remote workers compliant and engaged with their coworkers.

Combined with Intune for mobile devices and application management, Windows is even more powerful and valuable for organizations. Intune helps manage and protect your devices, allowing administrators to secure, configure, track and remove applications and data from devices remotely. Meet changing compliance demands with Intune’s broad range of access controls.

Meet remote/hybrid workforce needs

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) enables enterprises to support an evolving set of remote and hybrid workforce needs with a flexible, secure and easy-to-manage computing experience. AVD delivers a familiar Windows desktop interface complete with mission-critical applications and productivity tools.

AVD can be deployed in minutes, scaled on demand and managed remotely to provide your business with maximum control. Help your IT organization optimize costs by removing expensive third-party virtual desktop solutions and using existing eligible Windows licenses. Minimize infrastructure needs, management expenses and hardware investments as well.

Proactively detect and protect

Stay ahead of security threats with modern tools and processes powered by Microsoft Cloud. Apply powerhouse security solutions like Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft Defender for Cloud and the Microsoft 365 Defender Suite. Modernize industry-specific security and operations with Zero Trust Identity and Access Management principles, compliance and governance controls and intelligent automation.

Put advanced security capabilities to work to optimize your cloud environment, enhance your security posture and improve the resilience of business-critical systems.

From advisory to implementation and managed detection and response, adopt the right security framework to proactively protect workers, systems and data.


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