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Digital Healthcare Payer
Consumers have increasing control over how they spend for healthcare. That simple fact puts tough demands on healthcare payers and their ability to compete in today’s market. What’s more, expectations for service and engagement have changed. Shaped by digitally native companies, consumers now expect payers to provide digital self-service tools and deliver personalized experiences while keeping costs low.
Cognizant Digital Healthcare Payer helps organizations thrive on the challenges of becoming a consumer-driven, value-based, on-demand provider. We combine automation, human-centered insights, and best-in-class industry processes and platforms to enable you to create new products, focus on customer experiences and develop strong competitive differentiation.
Our proven Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) offering spans the policy administration value chain. It allows payers to achieve operational excellence and to:

  • Reduce administrative costs with streamlined processes incorporating robotic process automation, machine learning and AI.
  • Stimulate business growth with better insights for your members and their changing needs.
  • Enhance regulatory compliance with more efficient reporting processes and faster identification of potential issues.
  • Improve member satisfaction and Net Promoter Scores by providing efficient, intelligent and personalized services using tools ranging from AI-driven chatbots to care managers and coaches.

Our BPaaS offering enables payers to achieve operational excellence. Reduce operating costs, gain next-gen capabilities and compete more effectively in the member-centric healthcare industry with Cognizant Digital Healthcare Payer.

Cognizant® Digital Healthcare Payer


reduction in total cost of ownership resulting from BPaaS.
Reduce costs, gain flexibility
Reduce costs, gain flexibility

Leverage Cognizant’s proven BPaaS approach to achieve operational excellence across all parts of your business. Our solutions span the entire policy administration value chain.

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Excel with integrated analytics
Excel with integrated analytics

Attain better insights about your members with our Cognizant BigDecisions® integrated analytics platform. Use predictive analytics to evaluate interest payments, claims accuracy and more.

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Focus on innovation and market needs
Focus on innovation and market needs

Rely on our BPaaS approach to focus more on innovation and market growth. Assign responsibility for the operations and technology functions to us.

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Benefit from a single service interface
Benefit from a single service interface

Master multiple layers of functions through our single service interface. You deliver strong member experiences consistently without intensive capital investment.

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Integrate with core payer platforms
Integrate with core payer platforms

Follow industry best practices across the entire payer ecosystem. Cognizant Digital Healthcare Payer works seamlessly with core industry platforms, including Cognizant QNXT and Facets.

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Launch new products and initiatives
Launch new products and initiatives

Deliver new products, strong member experiences, and revenue growth—without major capital outlays. Our customer-centric approach puts members at the center of your business.

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Giri Namala
VP, Healthcare Markets Cognizant Digital Operations
Brent Barber
VP, Healthcare Digital Ops Cognizant Digital Operations

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Serving customers by looking forward as well as back is a big promise, but the power of today’s new digital capabilities is vast and growing.

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