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Ravi Kumar S

Chief Executive Officer

Surya Gummadi

Executive Vice President and President, Cognizant Americas

Jatin Dalal

Chief Financial Officer

Kathryn (Kathy) Diaz

Chief People Officer

Manoj Mehta

Head of Cognizant Europe, Middle East and Africa

Jane Livesey

Head of Cognizant Asia Pacific and Japan

Rajesh Nambiar

Executive Vice President, Chairman and Managing Director, Cognizant India

Ganesh Ayyar

Executive Vice President and President, Intuitive Operations and Automation and Industry Solutions

Prasad Sankaran

Executive Vice President, Software and Platform Engineering

Rob Vatter

Executive Vice President, Enterprise Platform Services

Annadurai (Anna) Elango

Executive Vice President, Core Technologies and Insights

John Kim

Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Chief Corporate Affairs Officer

Gaurav Chand

Chief Marketing Officer

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