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As the way we live and work changes and technology grows increasingly complex, the enterprise is under more pressure than ever to be far-seeing and proactive—to shape its own future.

Cisco has been shaping the technology of the networked enterprise and making the internet work since 1984. Since 2016, Cognizant has partnered with Cisco to provide world-class services and support for the technologies our shared clients rely on. It’s a 360-degree partnership: We work together and build together, investing in critical joint initiatives that pair the strengths of our two companies—all in the spirit of providing better service to great companies like yours. Between Cisco’s technologies and Cognizant’s services, our partnership brings deep expertise and broad experience across verticals so that we can get your company out in front of how you envision digital is shaping the future of your enterprise.

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Bringing our strengths together to serve you better.

Cyberthreats are no longer targeting the traditional security perimeter of the enterprise—they have evolved to attacking endpoints outside of the firewall. Now, maintaining robust security requires strong capabilities to both see and control all endpoints in real time. While many endpoint detection and response (EDR) technologies prove too varied, high maintenance and challenging to buy, install, manage and optimize, our Managed EDR solution from Cognizant Security, powered by Cisco AMP, offers strong EDR security coverage 24x7x365, all delivered as a single service.

If you can’t see the threat, you can’t stop the threat. Mobility, digitization and IoT are changing the way we live and work, and these trends are redefining the corporate network by extending it to wherever employees and data travel. Getting ahead of threats requires thorough visibility and control. With our Managed Network Visibility from Cognizant Security, powered by Cisco pxGrid with ISE, you will benefit from highly secure access to the network activity taking place wherever your enterprise assets are, 24x7x365, all delivered as a single service.

Employees and business units within your enterprise need speed and flexibility when deploying applications, which they have found with the cloud. But getting all of the required permissions and provisioning taken care of through the IT department can take too long and often has too many restrictions, so they simply do it themselves. This is known as “shadow IT,” and while it resolves bottlenecking, it creates new issues with protocol and compliance. With Managed CASB from Cognizant Security, powered by Cisco CloudLock, your organization can take advantage of cloud-enabled services while ensuring that it happens in a secure manner, 24x7x365, all delivered as a single service.

Firewalls remain an important component of any enterprise security deployment. However, long procurement timeframes, the labor required to rack and stack them in the data center, and dealing with evolving threats can be a nightmare. With Managed NGFW from Cognizant Security, powered by Cisco FirePower, you can eliminate the burdens of a traditional firewall deployment and constantly optimize your firewall configurations to provide the maximum defense against cyberattacks, 24x7x365, all delivered as a single service.


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