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Driving results in the modern enterprise

In today’s enterprise, a modern data architecture is the key to applying the intelligence that drives insights and action.
With thousands of associates, Cognizant’s experts are able to mobilize quickly to realize your data modernization vision. Our innovative cloud strategy includes provider partners Amazon Web ServicesGoogle Cloud and Microsoft Azure
While implementations vary, we can deploy a new data platform typically in as little as one month. Many clients see a 40% decrease in data storage costs, a 30% to 60% faster time to market and an ROI within six months.
Modernizing makes your data more valuable by making it:
  • Accessible—Fast and easy to access, manage, analyze and deploy
  • Cloud-based—Usable across and outside the business
  • Trusted—Compliant with data security and privacy regulations

It’s time to take charge of your data

Let us help you engineer a modern data enterprise.

Data modernization method

Our consultants mix data engineering, cloud, data privacy and compliance skills with proprietary frameworks and maturity models to build modern data ecosystems. We use a flexible resourcing model to scale teams rapidly in a studio or virtual pod-based approach.

Graphical respresentation of a data warehouse
Data modernization platform

With Cognizant BigDecisions® and Intelligent Data Works, we can help you ingest and transform data and build data lakes. We use AI and ML to automate common, repetitive data management activities using DataOps and DevOps to augment the agile analytics environment.

Graphical representation of an augmented data environment

Latest thinking

Data modernization: The foundation for digital transformation

Read how leading organizations transformed their digital core to operate with precision in a fast-moving world.

A graphical representation of COVID 19 viruses travelling through a data channel
Propel performance with data and AI for insurers

Effective AI depends upon current, accurate and relevant data. And the right data can drive performance. 

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Drive better decisions with a modern data platform

Evaluate your data strategy using Cognizant’s 3-step modernization methodology and more.

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Take the first step

Serving customers by looking forward as well as back is a big promise, but the power of today’s new digital capabilities is vast and growing.

Let’s talk about how digital can work for your business.