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Wherever you are in your insurance modernization journey, Cognizant helps you update your legacy technology and processes with cutting-edge insurance IT solutions to meet today’s customer demands for a digital, personalized online experience—while reducing risk.

Speed products to market

by streamlining development and accelerating underwriting, billing and other core processes.

Reduce operating costs

by enhancing data accuracy and streamlining manual, time-intensive tasks.

Achieve efficiencies

by automating workflows and integrating advanced technologies like AI and generative AI.

The insurance segments we serve


If you’re planning to modernize your processes, make sure your strategy is led by business goals, not technology criteria.

Cognizant helps insurers achieve their goals by using the latest AI and generative AI technologies to create a competitive advantage.

With this agile, six-week program, insurers can unlock innovation and discover new growth opportunities, enhance CX and optimize their operations.

Generative AI: Create value at the speed of intuition

Unleash the decision-making power of generative AI, and create results that future-proof your business.

Case studies

Talcott’s cloud-based modernization

jump-starts agility, reduces capex/Opex by 25% and cuts costs by 20%.

Man holding some papers in one hand and writing on a board with a marker with the other while another man watches, smiling
An India-based insurer’s consumer ID protection

employs AI technology that secures biometric data with 100% image masking accuracy.

biometric data
A US carrier’s test automation

uses an open source, scriptless solution that accelerates QA and saves $1.6M.

Two people sitting on a yacht
A P&C provider’s API-driven B2B

speeds quote-to-buy, delivers real-time service integration and boosts revenue.

someone looking at a damaged car
A British insurer’s RPA solution

automates 70+ processes across multiple business areas, saving £7.5M annually.

Man and woman looking at tablet screen

Latest thinking

The next industry frontier: Open insurance

When customers give insurers permission to share data with other providers, it can mean new revenue streams and greater consumer trust.

The future of underwriting is here, and it’s bionic

Today the underwriting process is manual, which is not only slow but also very costly. The core underwriting process still needs to be revolutionized, and bionic underwriting brings the opportunity.

With claims and costs rising, insurers turn to AI

Sure, AI can cut costs and personalize CX. But success requires a modern data architecture and intelligent data management.

How insurers adapt to the new net zero era

Facing new challenges, insurers must meet the net zero era with technology, data-driven insights and human-centric design.

Insurers have a head start, but the future is uncertain

While insurers benefit from technology investments, they face macroeconomic uncertainty and an evolving marketplace.

Using AI and data to super-charge CX

Combining AI technology and human science, businesses can reinvent decision-making processes to excite customers and grow revenue.

Our partners and alliances for insurance technology solutions

With more expansive service offerings, we form partnerships and strategic alliances with world-class organizations and deliver comprehensive insurance technology solutions to our clients’ business and IT challenges.


Sarat Varanasi

Business Unit Leader, Americas

Sivakumar Deivacikamani

Market Delivery Unit Leader, Insurance

Craig Weber

Head of Strategy, Insurance

Take the first step with insurance technology solutions

Serving customers by looking forward as well as back is a big promise, but the power of today’s new digital capabilities, including insurance digital transformation and insurance IT solutions, is vast and growing.

Let’s talk about how insurance technology services can work for your business.