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Duck Creek Technologies
Turbocharge your Duck Creek software suite

Our powerful partnership with Duck Creek enables insurers of all sizes to take advantage of digital implementation services and expertise.

Cognizant’s next-generation IT services, modern platforms and digital models help insurers navigate new market potential and deliver higher levels of performance. Our partnership with Duck Creek brings together thought leadership, best practices, joint offerings, structured knowledge management, better product adoption and product governance.

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Cognizant innovation wins at Formation ’24 Hatch-A-Thon

Cognizant is proud to be named the Formation ’24 Hatch-A-Thon innovation champion. Our cutting-edge NextGen Claims Assistant solution, designed and powered by gen AI, empowers loss adjusters to generate contextual responses with valuable insights, accelerating decision-making and expediting claim settlements.

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Bringing two powerful ecosystems together.

Looking to modernize your platform? Look to Cognizant. We’ll help you implement the insurance software to install, migrate or transform your P&C platform. Discover how we can help you use Duck Creek DMS to elevate your agency experience and drive your transformation journey.

Our Duck Creek implementation offerings include:

  • Advisory and consulting
  • Digital transformation and cloud enablement
  • End-to-end implementation
  • Platform upgrades
  • Maintenance and support

Cognizant’s scaled approach for multi-country, multi-product rollout uses Duck Creek’s configurable base framework, featuring a core inheritance model, table-driven reference data and in-house developed migration frameworks. Our team of 600+ Duck Creek professionals offers strategic consulting, implementation roadmaps and execution, upgrades, maintenance and enhancements specific to insurance carriers. 

This gets you where you’re going faster—a technology-native insurance environment—with service that goes beyond the software and creates an outstanding experience for you and your customers. 


Our partners hold us to the highest standards.

They know what quality looks like. We’re proud to be recognized by our peers for delivering to the highest industry standards.

To learn more about the strengths of this strategic partner, visit:

Duck Creek Technologies

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