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Today's organizations face perpetual shifts in markets, economies, and technologies. We are here to offer ideas that will help you respond.


New work, new world

Hard numbers are finally here. Generative AI could deliver more than $1 trillion in annual growth by 2032, while potentially disrupting up to 90% of existing jobs. How can leaders navigate an upheaval of this scale and realize the technology’s full potential? By investing in people.

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Deep Green

How data, technology and collaboration will drive the next phase of sustainability in business.



Beyond smart cities—to future-ready cities

Six ways cities can fulfill their future-ready vision, according to our recent research


Modern business

Be ready for change at any time. Learn to read early warning signs, anticipate change before it happens and position your business to act in time and emerge on top.

Tech to watch

Tune-in to our collection of articles and reports to better understand innovation, unlock its potential and drive new types of growth.


Reinventing the world of work

Our new report provides insight into how generative AI will orchestrate tasks, spur new ideas, sharpen decision making and unify the workplace with a common entry point to how we work.

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Sustainability and resilience

From regulations and climate change to resilient operating models and low carbon strategies—get the latest thinking on sustainability and resilience.

The changing customer

As customers navigate rapid change and economic uncertainty, their preferences become harder than ever to predict. For businesses to anticipate and act decisively in this environment, customer experience must be driven by agile processes that can learn, adapt and operate on real-time data.

For retailers, uncertainty brings an upside: opportunity

Explore the four reasons the retail industry must continue to invest in digital, regardless of what the economy brings.

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The urgent path toward grid modernization

While the world may escape a downturn, we’re experiencing something just as powerful: a generation-defining shift away from fossil fuels toward renewables.

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Will your bank be ready to seize M&A opportunities

With the currently slow pace of mergers and acquisitions, now’s the time for banks to retool for a successful purchase or sale.

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Stay ahead of change by keeping up with our latest research and insights on shifting markets, economies and technology.

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