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Modernize and transform

Navigate your shift to digital and cloud by modernizing existing core systems and leveraging new business.
In a newly defined digital marketplace, businesses must stay relevant and current. Cognizant’s Oracle practice helps companies navigate this Digital shift, which often requires creating entirely new business models focused on shrinking time to market. We deliver value to businesses in three key ways:
  • Continuously innovating to modernize business processes
  • Improving decision-making 
  • Driving down costs 
Our skilled resources are cross-trained in next-gen technologies, so businesses in all industries can embrace new frontiers at an accelerated pace. We enable you to accelerate your journey to cloud and digital platforms by defining roadmaps, migration paths to new environments process automation, and delivering multichannel experiences in business processes across your enterprise. 


Harness digital disruption

The rapid rise in new and innovative technologies and tools has compelled leaders to modernize the employee experience through new digital platforms, apps and service delivery channels. Cognizant’s Oracle Digital Services can help you implement digital transformation by unifying business and technology architectures to enable competitive advantage and top-line growth.

Simplify and modernize

Simplifying and modernizing business processes and IT infrastructure are crucial in today’s digital mandate. Oracle’s Cloud technologies play a critical role in supporting digital transformation initiatives. Cognizant is a proven leader in digital transformation initiatives, and one of the industry’s leading consulting and advisory companies—both for businesses that have migrated and for those considering a move to Oracle Cloud.

Digitize processes at market speed

Organizations across industries must implement processes infused with the speed and agility to match changing markets, stay relevant and capitalize on new opportunities. Cognizant helps you make smarter decisions and deliver superior results through innovative solutions that improve performance, enhance productivity and drive growth initiatives. Our experts provide a consultative approach to help transform your existing application environment.

Maximize your data’s value

Cognizant’s Oracle Analytics applications are complete prebuilt solutions that deliver intuitive role-based intelligence for everyone in the organization, from front-line employees to senior management. This allows you to gain insight and reap value from a range of data sources and applications to support diverse user needs.

Our Oracle Analytics practice offers a rich pool of specialists with experience in multiple Oracle Analytics applications gained from more than 100 customer engagements. They are supported by proprietary tools and accelerators that fast-track customer value by reducing time and effort, identifying customizations, accelerating data loads and providing statistical estimates.

Our Oracle Analytics product offerings include Oracle Analytics Cloud Services and Enterprise Performance Management Cloud, each with several sets of products—OBIA, OBIE, BI Cloud, DVCS, Hyperion Cloud, Endeca and more—that cater to a wide spectrum of industries and business processes.


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