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Maintaining the highest standards of integrity

In a time when artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly shaping our lives and the world around us, it is crucial to establish clear principles that guide the development and use of AI. These principles aim to ensure that the products and services we deliver use AI in a way that benefits businesses and society, while mitigating potential risks and negative consequences.

Our responsible AI principles

Our AI principles are designed to foster trust and respect for people and the environment throughout the entire AI lifecycle—from acquisition, design and development to use, monitoring and decommissioning of AI systems. These principles have been carefully crafted to uphold the standards set out in our Code of Ethics and to build upon the guidelines established in relevant legislation, best practices and frameworks such as the EU AI Act, NIST and ISO.

Fair and inclusive

Our AI services are designed and delivered in ways that respect human rights, promote fairness and avoid discrimination.

Safe, secure and private

We provide comprehensive world-class security and risk-management capabilities to protect and enable our clients and our internal teams.

Transparent and explainable

We ensure transparency across the AI lifecycle, enabling users to interpret AI outputs and determine appropriate use.


We promote clear processes, roles and responsibilities to ensure people are accountable for and in control of AI systems, with consistent monitoring by humans and AI.

One of the main areas of research and innovation for Cognizant’s Advanced AI Lab is developing algorithms and systems that improve the transparency and trustworthiness of every AI output. Approaches include rigorous evaluations of the methods used in comparison with alternatives, and developing confidence measurements and enhanced explainability.

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For a deeper dive into responsible AI & ethics...

Contact us if you’d like to learn more about how we build responsible AI principles into our services, or to speak with our experts about how we can help you prepare your enterprise for an AI-enabled future.

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