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Build customer loyalty with a seamless food ordering experience.

Cognizant OrderServ® is an omnichannel ordering solution designed for the food services industry. Customers can order from anywhere, any time and from any device—whether they’re heading home, sitting in stadiums or boarding an aircraft.
An end-to-end food ordering solution, Cognizant OrderServ integrates seamlessly with restaurant point-of-sale (POS) systems, kitchen display systems (KDS), master data management, payments services, loyalty, social media and other enterprise applications. It combines orders with every aspect of the business, from kitchen management to the enterprise systems that track sales and transactions.
In short, Cognizant OrderServ helps ensure flawless execution—and happy customers.
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Integrates seamlessly
Integrates seamlessly

Unifies your store’s POS, payment gateway, loyalty systems and content management systems.

Leverages analytics tools
Leverages analytics tools

Generates predictive and prescriptive reports by leveraging advanced analytics tools. Learns more about your customers over time.

Builds loyalty programs
Builds loyalty programs

Frees customers to place orders from anywhere, using any device. Helps build strong loyalty programs with targeted offers.

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