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Sustainability and Resilience

Sustainability and Resilience

Climate disasters, resource depletion and uncertainty are changing how we do business. This collection addresses the future of business sparked by the sustainability imperative.


Sustainability as a business strategy


The future of sustainability in business: data, technology and collaboration

As the world grapples with the urgent need to combat climate change and resource depletion, a new breed of business is emerging.

These organizations will be sustainable to the core—not just green but deeply green, with sustainability encoded in their DNA.

To learn more about the future of sustainability in business, we worked with Oxford Economics to survey 3,000 executives across every market and sector on their sustainability plans, challenges and vision.

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From insights to implementation, Cognizant offers advisory services and solutions to seize sustainability opportunities.

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Paving the way forward—tech for sustainability

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The Future of Us

Amid climate and pandemic-induced disruption, a new era is taking shape. Here is a field guide to navigating the net zero era, in which leaders will guide with digital, empower consumers and act with purpose.

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Close the gap between ESG commitments and action

90% of decision-makers agree—you can’t be a modern business without a cohesive ESG strategy, but there’s a huge disconnect between plans and proactive efforts.

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Road (or rail) to the future

Increasing carbon emissions from urban mobility, among other factors, makes transportation innovation a global imperative.

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The pressure to change is coming from all sides



80% of the global economy is now subject to a net zero emissions target.



78% of investors believe sustainable investing is a risk-mitigation strategy.



81% of customers strongly believe that companies should help improve the environment.


Planet earth

1.3 trillion USD is the cost of climate-related weather events affecting businesses.


Making a big difference in the blue economy

We help leading companies leverage AI and digital transformation to boost sustainability, resiliency and profitability while addressing some of Earth’s most pressing challenges.

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Blue food

Making aquaculture more sustainable, data-driven and profitable

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Blue energy

Ensuring more reliable energy across land and sea

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Blue life

Ensuring a safer, more resilient water supply

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Industrial port
Blue transport

Extracting new value from cleaner, smarter maritime shipping

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The sustainability imperative will drive growth across all industries


The race to net zero

Smart and sustainable win the race

With a firm commitment to sustainability, Aston Martin F1 sets its sights on becoming a top competitor in the field while prioritizing the goal of achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. As we enter a new year of partnership, Cognizant will contribute to performance enhancements through data-driven insights—working towards building the first fully sustainable smart factory and bringing the team closer to podium success. Learn more about this collaborative and innovative alliance dedicated to achieving our shared sustainability objectives.

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Case studies

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Becoming a sustainable business

Sustainability offers opportunities to move away from linear processes to embrace circular and regenerative business models. Leverage Cognizant's advisory services, solutions and strong ecosystem of partners to reduce your environmental footprint and maintain your sustainability commitments.

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