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Sustainability and Corporate Citizenship
"Cognizant launched Synapse as part of our commitment to skilling and preparing the workforce for AI and the digital economy. We are proud to invest with our nonprofit and community education partnerships to equip individuals with new technology skills, to sustain communities as the digital economy grows, and to improve economic opportunities for all.”

Tobi Young, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer

Our awards

They reflect our commitment to excellence and highlight how we drive positive change.


Giving one million workers an edge on tomorrow

Our Synapse initiative ushers in a new tier of employees, trained to leap forward with cutting-edge technologies like generative AI, Cognizant’s premier tech services and skills needed to fill jobs of the future. We aim to train more than one million individuals by 2026.

Synapse thrives on community education efforts that are propelled by philanthropic grants, volunteering and mentorship.

Investments in our communities

Technology is revolutionizing work across the global economy, opening unprecedented opportunities. Despite these advances, many still lack access to the necessary education, training and job opportunities to elevate their economic and social mobility in this shifting landscape. Since 2018, Cognizant has invested $70M in philanthropic funds through 117 grants to 77 organizations globally dedicated to workforce preparation for all ages. View our grantee partners.

Additionally, since 2005, Cognizant Foundation India has partnered with non-profit organizations across the subcontinent. The Foundation’s interventions are focused on empowering people with disabilities, promoting holistic child development and fostering gender equality across two thematic areas: 1) Health4All, enhancing accessibility to quality healthcare, and 2) Future4All, creating a better tomorrow through education and skilling. 

Volunteering and mentorship

Cognizant associates across the globe dedicate their time and talents to enhance technology inclusion and use technology for societal good. In 2023, our strong volunteer culture saw over 50,500 Cognizant volunteers donate nearly 162,000 hours. Explore our hands-on approach and view its impact with examples below.


Creating meaningful change at scale

See how our corporate citizen agenda contributes to the progress and prosperity of communities across the globe. Read our 2023 Sustainability and Corporate Citizenship Report now.

View archived reports


2023 Sustainability report cover

Environmental sustainability

At Cognizant we’re reducing our own environmental impact where it matters most.

We’re committed to:

  • Sourcing 100% renewable electricity by 2026
  • Reducing total emissions by 50% by 2030 and 90% by 2040
  • Offsetting all unabated emissions from 2030

We use the latest data to analyze and prepare for the impact that extreme weather and the low carbon transition has on our business. This enables us to adapt to future risks and capitalize on opportunities.

Cognizant Sustainability Services are helping businesses transform with data and technology strategies that can mitigate environmental impact, drive sustainable business models and manage the transition to a net zero future.

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