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Being in sync with your customers’ needs and lifestyle is vital to staying relevant and constantly creating new value.

Cognizant is an end-to-end provider of Salesforce services, including design, consulting, implementation and support. Our partnership brings you strong cross-industry knowledge from a global perspective and drives your next-gen business disruptions through next-gen AI technologies and CX transformations. This enables our clients to identify, design and deliver digitally enabled and market leading products, services & experiences. Strategic acquisitions (such as Advanced Technology Group, SaaSfocus, EI- Technologies, CodeZero and Lev) have further enhanced our Salesforce expertise in focus areas and newer geographies. Our designers, technology experts and industry SMEs represent the top 3 pool of Salesforce certified consultants and have helped us create a customer-centric organization.

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Implementing Salesforce Maps in EMEA

As one of the exclusive partners to use this location-based intelligence tool, Cognizant can help businesses in Europe, the Middle East and Africa transform business processes.


Bringing our strengths together to serve you better.

Creating best-in-class solutions and accelerators that cater to all industries. These include Salesforce Lightning Bolts solution templates built by partners that help customers get to market faster.

Patient Prime

This bolt accelerator offers extensive collaboration between physicians, caregivers, insurers and pharma companies, it also comes with valuable add-ons like Patient Portal, HCP Portal, nurse portal and more.
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Medical Education Hub

Medical Education Hub is an integrated learning environment for healthcare professionals, providing tailored learning journeys, designed to simplify access to information and grow brand awareness and confidence.

Cognizant Loan Origination Solution

Loan Origination Solution (LOS) is an agile solution that drives end-to-end loan origination journey via an automated and highly configurable workflow, ensuring business compliance and swift disbursals.
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Digital Mortgage Appraisal Portal

Salesforce bolt solution that streamlines and digitizes the mortgage appraisal process by reducing application processing time and increasing productivity, thereby offering greater value to lenders and borrowers.
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Mortgage 360

The solution provides intermediaries, solicitors and introducers with the right information at the right time across the mortgage value chain.

Mortgage Business Accelerator

Mortgage Business Accelerator helps lenders treat intermediaries as customers, building strong B2B relationships and driving engagement and sales.


A Salesforce Financial Service Cloud based solution accelerator that transforms retail banking customer experience and delivers superior value to clients through highly personified banking and delivery automation services.


A digital wealth management solution based on Salesforce Financial Services Cloud that delivers superior value to the clients through highly personalized wealth advices, improved client experience, employee engagement and regulatory adherence. 


A field service accelerator aimed for end-to-end waste lifecycle management.
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A field service cloud solution that caters to the Manufacturing industry’s complaints and field service tech execution.

Cognizant Utility Next

Leveraging Salesforce Einstein and Vlocity Energy, the solution accelerator addresses operational challenges in the life of customer service representatives in Energy and Utility Industry. 
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Dealer Management

A mobile solution to drive auto industry dealer operations with lead management and better customer experience also managing sales of vehicle and after sales service appointments. 

Revenue Blueprint

A Cognizant Advanced Technology Group (ATG) offering that pairs purpose built IP, accelerators and integrations with world-class consulting to expedite outcomes for clients using Salesforce Revenue Cloud.
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Lightning Lobby

This commerce solution engages with customers through multiple channels & devices providing a customer 360 degree view that can manage products, promotions, and pricing.
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SubscriberX is an integrated solution that empowers marketers to grow their subscriber base, increase revenue and drive customer loyalty.
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Cognizant Intelligent Interactions

An all-in-one digital solution to transform agent productivity through disruptive next-gen technologies such as chatbots and advanced AI, that encompasses cloud, omni channel, self-service and cognitive capabilities.
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Digital Employee Hub

A digital workplace solution that provides automated actionable inputs along with contextual information enabling collaboration and enhanced productivity, leveraging Salesforce Einstein.
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Chat Chef

Automated framework that can seamlessly hand off customer conversation based on context and complexity to a human agent at real time.

Cognizant Rapid Forms

A bolt solution for capturing customer interaction and creating engaging journeys with an intuitive UI.
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As the world navigates the process of emerging from the once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, enabling employees’ safe return to work requires extensive and meticulous monitoring and management of their well-being. Cognizant® Safe Workforce, in partnership with Salesforce and built on the platform helps manage workplace readiness and uses information as a springboard for a healthier workforce. 

Our solution complements the capabilities of, with data access, staffing support and integration expertise. Cognizant Safe Workforce is a clear and compelling option for companies seeking viable return-to-work programs and long-term resilience. 
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Driving businesses into a digital future

Deep dive to understand how we leverage our Salesforce expertise and Collaboratories to create new digital experience for the customers at scale.

Driving businesses into a digital future

Our partners hold us to the highest standards.

They know what quality looks like. We’re proud to be recognized by our peers for delivering to the highest industry standards.


Our partnership at work


From chaos to catalyst
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Navigating through post-merger integration of CRM systems: A Salesforce perspective
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Lightning Experience: The next generation


Digitally solving waste management challenges


Revolutionizing agro growth by digitally empowering farmers

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