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Operations Intelligence Platform

Transform the way you look at operational data.

Cognizant’s OIP transforms a diverse collection of information into a powerful and collaborative decision support environment tailor-made for oil and gas. By providing real-time access to data, data visualizations and enhanced monitoring and alerting, OIP helps operators improve financial performance, optimize reserves recovery and reduce risk with offshore manning.
With the OIP, you can:
  • Optimize production and reserves recovery efforts.
  • Reduce risk to offshore personnel and improve environmental health and safety (EHS) performance.
  • Increase the reliability and production efficiency of equipment and plants with process monitoring.
  • Promote collaboration across the organization.
Virtual role-based workbench
Virtual role-based workbench

Using data to enable collaboration across business functions, the virtual workbench delivers the right information to the right user.

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Data source integration
Data source integration

Our prebuilt extract, transform and load (ETL) interfaces readily connect to existing enterprise systems, including supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), Historians and ERP.

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Predictive analytical model
Predictive analytical model

Unlock information in the data you already have. Make better decisions and transform data into proactive decision-making.

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Latest thinking

Decision-making: The new frontier for automation

Decision process automation is a forward-looking, practical strategy to improve enterprise operations, enabling faster responses to rapidly changing conditions and identifying options for action based on a more complete exploration of potential outcomes.

Digital grid
Energy and utilities under pressure

Our recent study shows companies are already separating from the pack based on how they deploy advanced technologies and business models. In this e-book, we offer business and tech leaders in the fast evolving E&U industry our research-based insights on the best next steps to take.

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Supporting service capabilities

Transform the way you look at field data

Cognizant’s OIP is an IoT-based Industry 4.0 solution accelerator that connects machines, systems and workforce to enable a digital enterprise. OIP is our industry-specific solution that enables efficient decision-making and proactive operational management in oil fields by providing timely access to data, data visualization, enhanced monitoring and alerting capabilities and access to relevant systems and supporting documentation. Supporting service capabilities from Cognizant include:

  • Integration with existing IT and sensor systems to provide general, enterprise-wide, intelligence dashboards.
  • Implementation of specific operational key performance indicators (KPIs) and operational parameters related to monitoring production and all other asset business functions and triggers alerts for proactive asset operations management.

An integrated way of work

Cognizant OIP delivers a shared information environment across the operations team, integrating real-time data with maintenance and engineering data to provide a rich suite of information and visualizations to deliver an enhanced view of the asset performance and health. Service capabilities from Cognizant that support these features can help deliver:

  • Enhanced collaboration: Enables onshore personnel to support the day-to-day offshore operations in real time, with access to the right people and information to drive better and faster decision-making.
  • Improved information access and sharing: Delivers a shared information environment across the operations team, seamlessly integrating real-time data with maintenance and engineering data to provide a rich suite of information and visualizations to deliver an enhanced view of the asset performance and health.
  • An integrated way of working: Once the data is integrated, cross-functional asset team and support functions can interact with OIP through various collaborative environments to support upstream operations.

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