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Capturing intelligence from the sky

From flight operations to analytics to infrastructure support, Cognizant’s Drone Analytics Information Services practice consolidates the vast skill sets and areas of expertise needed to integrate drones and the opportunities they bring to your organization’s operations.
Drones offer more opportunities for data capture and consumption than ever before, but incorporating this data can be difficult. We help companies digitize field operations and optimize infrastructure by mastering drone-captured image, video, LiDAR and other complex data.
Our range of offerings includes drone data capture, data and managed services, big data management, artificial intelligence, application integration and business consulting.


On the ground and in the air suppoprt

Our data management and service offerings are focused on providing the support you need for drone-captured data, as well as data from a variety of other sources—whether on the ground or in the air.

Cognizant combines deep knowledge of your industry with extensive data science services and artificial intelligence. We can help you whether you’re investigating drones for the first time or have a fleet of pilots delivering data daily.

We saw the potential value of drones to our clients early, and invested in Measure, a leading national provider of drone flight services. We work closely together to provide turnkey drone operations and support.

We’ve cultivated a broad array of partners, offering services from flight operations to image processing and advanced business intelligence.

Our comprehensive drone data management services ensure a smooth implementation of drones and the data they capture. As your drone services partner, our experts can provide change management and implementation planning, media storage infrastructure, advanced analytics and AI, mobile and desktop interfaces, and integration into your existing systems and workflows.

Speed up field operations when you equip your field engineers and staff with the latest in aerial data collection technology, pilot training and drone program management support. Our packaged toolkit includes drone hardware, training and support, and drone analytics, as well as software to maximize the value of drone data.

If you’re already investigating or using drones to capture data, your greatest challenge may be how to make the data actionable. Whether you need image processing, custom reporting, or to integrate complex data into your existing big data platform, our drone analytics experts can help.

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