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Customer service transformation

Customer service is transforming rapidly, thanks to expanding digital technologies, AI-driven self-service and the adoption of cloud. Contact centers have reshaped into experience centers that deliver proactive, hyper-personalized services. The focus is on retaining customers, improving loyalty and growing business value. This shift is a signal to organizations industrywide that they must embrace digital to elate customers and stay ahead of the competition.
Create a contact center that remodels traditional customer journeys, selects the right platforms and infuses next-gen technologies to drive better business outcomes for our clients.


Initiating human-like conversations powered by AI

Human-like self-service experiences across multiple channels—voice and digital—powered by bots, virtual assistants and digital humans.

  • Reduction in call volume via AI based containment
  • Lower customer-effort scores from natural language conversations
  • Higher agent productivity due to reduced number of calls 
  • Improved customer satisfaction from human-like self service

Deploying omnichannel experiences as a service

Migrate client customer journeys and contact center suites to modern, asset-light CCaaS platforms. Available as pay-per-use with proven security, global reach and scalability. 

  • Shift from CAPEX to OPEX model free of hardware
  • Reduction in TCO by 50% or more through pay-per-use pricing
  • Low code platforms (fostering do-it-yourself) for businesses 
  • Promote work-from-anywhere culture for operations

Engineering personalized user experiences

Take advantage of dynamic, real-time experiences engineered for customers and agents to offer context-based services and recommend next best actions.

  • Proactive tips to customers from digital channels to complete journeys
  • Aggregate view of customer details to agents for first contact resolution 
  • Agent next-best actions to steer positive customer sentiments
  • Customer journey maps for businesses to orchestrate personalized CX

Infusing business processes with agility, intelligence and automation

Transform business operations for clients by synergizing efforts across people, processes and platforms to achieve end-to-end transformation. Benefit from hyper-automation, value-based economics and more.

  • Outcome-based delivery, assuring improvement in business goals 
  • Digital leadership that harnesses next-gen technologies and AI/ML 
  • Proven framework and governance for continuous improvement across the customer lifecycle
  • Positive cost impact, CSAT and revenue in 18-24 months


CX advisory

Identify current state challenges, define critical capabilities, create future state roadmaps, build business cases and prioritize key initiatives to drive future of customer service.

CX transformation

Design, build and overhaul your customer service landscape by re-engineering processes and platforms, to effect a digital shift and deliver high-impact client outcomes and business metrics.

CX assurance

Deliver frictionless customer and agent experiences using automated testing and monitoring that simulate real-world customer interactions across IVR, voice and digital channels.

CX operations

Managed services of contact center infrastructure at the highest industry service standards with a focus on continuous improvement and process innovation.

Our partners

We form partnerships and strategic alliances with world-class organizations to expand our service offerings and deliver comprehensive solutions to clients. Here are some of the strategic partners that we work with.


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