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Information Services

Evolving audience needs, varying consumption patterns and relevant insights drive the information economy. We deliver offerings and expertise across the information ecosystem to help you update your business model, accelerate innovation, boost agility and meet the rapid demand of digital disruption.


The segments we serve

With rapidly changing customer expectations and a growing number of new entrants to this space, you’re under increasing pressure to re-evaluate your business model, strategies and solution offerings to remain competitive.

Cognizant has a deep understanding of this segment, and we can help you shape your business strategy to meet today’s challenges. Our team of domain and technology experts can help you build advanced capabilities—platforms, tools and processes—and attain an enduring competitive advantage in this constantly changing digital era.

The legal services market is facing pressures from changing business models, slowing customer demand, availability of free content and a need to reduce fees. The result is a decline in the demand for paid research—and stagnant growth for legal information providers.

Enter Cognizant. We can help you:

  • Revamp your business model and discover new avenues of growth
  • Shift the value of legal research platforms from pure content to advanced data analytics
  • Build tools that automate legal services
  • Increase demand for legal services and drive new revenue streams

The scientific, technical and medical (STM) market continues to evolve, with greater focus on improving end-user outcomes. Providing smarter content, tools and workflow solutions can make the user experience more intuitive and efficient and less time-consuming.

Cognizant can help you unlock the value of your content through improved data discoverability, accessibility and modularity. We can also help you develop next-generation tools and workflow solutions that deliver high-value-added services to meet the needs of your end users—and create future growth opportunities for you.

There’s never been a better time to be in the market research industry. As the volume of content (including user-generated content) continues to explode and consumption channels and consumer patterns keep changing, more companies and brands realize they need expert market researchers to understand the voice of the consumer and position themselves for success.

Cognizant’s team of domain and technology experts can help you pull ahead of the pack. By leveraging emerging technologies, we’ll help you develop new and improved research techniques and tools to sift through the noise—and deliver intelligent consumer insights, as well as predictive and prescriptive analytics in real time.


Expertise where you need it

Accelerate innovation and agility with the help of our technology experts.


A global business information company

modernizes match application with cloud

Accessing information at high speed


Cambridge Assessment

creates a new exam processing platform


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The future of information services & technology offers a world of opportunities, but the transformation will require substantial steps and boldness. The industry needs to be open to new insights.


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The future of communications will offer a world of opportunities, but this transformation will require substantial steps and boldness. The industry needs to be open to new insights.


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