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Reinventing the world of work

Generative AI will drive dramatic change across the enterprise and transform how work gets done:

  • Orchestration: Gen AI agents will connect processes, systems and knowledge to complete complex tasks.
  • Innovation: Businesses will create powerful new strategies as gen AI surfaces insights from newly accessible data. 
  • Decision-making: Embedded in business systems and paired with data, gen AI will help businesses turn ideas into reality.
  • Unification: A common, intuitive interface will replace today’s myriad interfaces and entry points.

Discover how generative AI will reshape your business and learn how to get started with your own deployment in our report “Gen AI and the future of work: what businesses need to know.”

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From theory to practice: applications of generative AI

Explore the practical application of generative AI. From transforming the customer experience and supercharging marketing and sales to improving the employee experience, these real world examples demonstrate how we can turn the potential of AI into tangible business outcomes.

Our teams bring deep industry expertise, technology know-how and a consultative approach to help you navigate from these possibilities to a scaled implementation that fits your needs.

Examples of our current work

Investment guidance for financial services customers
Investment guidance for financial services customers

We’re helping a marquee client in financial services use generative AI to enable better experiences and outcomes by recommending investment opportunities.

Personalization for banking rewards
Personalization for banking rewards

We’re helping a global banking client use generative AI to create personalized loyalty benefits matched to cardholder favorites – like restaurants, destinations and brands.

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Shorter time to market in life sciences
Shorter time to market in life sciences

We’re helping a marquee life sciences client use generative AI to speed up drug development and shorten time-to-market through virtual assistants and improved clinical trial design.

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Impactful cost efficiency in property and casualty insurance
Impactful cost efficiency in property and casualty insurance

We’re using generative-AI to help a global insurance client complete nearly 100% of missing claims information from complex submissions, with significant savings expected from operational efficiency and reduced claims costs.

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Accelerated research process in healthcare
Accelerated research process in healthcare

We’re helping speed up the research process for a top healthcare product company by deploying generative AI to author scientific content and automate the generation of regulatory inputs.

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Personalized marketing in the automotive space
Personalized marketing in the automotive space

We’re helping a marquee automotive client use generative AI for marketing campaigns entailing hyper-personalized recommendations.

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A global responsibility

Guiding generative AI towards meaningful human progress

Earlier this year, Cognizant’s Babak Hodjat was invited to attend the World Economic Forum’s “Responsible AI Leadership: A Global Summit on Generative AI” event in San Francisco. There, he contributed to a set of recommendations intended to help stakeholders navigate the complexities of AI development and guide responsible and ethical use.

Babak Hodjat

Invention ignites ingenuity

Technological innovations breed more breakthroughs. Learn how experts are putting them to work.

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In the news

Cognizant expands generative AI partnership with Google Cloud, announces development of healthcare large language model solutions

Cognizant and Gilead extend partnership with five-year service agreement estimated at $800 million

Cognizant launches Neuro AI platform to help companies responsibly deploy Generative AI at enterprise scale

Take the first step

Let’s explore practical applications of generative AI for your business, and create impactful value—safely and responsibly.

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