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Generative AI: Society’s great equalizer

Over the past two and a half centuries, the world has recorded five technological revolutions. As gen AI moves into the mainstream, this powerful technology has the potential to bring about another revolution by distributing productivity gains across society.

From theory to practice: How to harness gen AI’s benefits

From generating new content to streamlining processes and procedures, generative AI could have a substantial impact on society and the economy. And while it promises to boost productivity, its full potential isn’t a given.

Our team brings deep industry expertise, technology know-how and a consultative approach to help you navigate the challenges that must be overcome to ensure your business, workers and society thrive in the age of gen AI.

Amplifying the value of generative AI

Given gen AI’s ability to underpin multiple use cases across an organization, review this four-part framework that supports innovation and offers strategic guidance.

A guide to introducing gen AI within your organization

Discover 10 ways companies should adapt their technology roll-out processes to securely and effectively harness the power of gen AI.

Becoming data-ready for gen AI

Unlock generative AI’s unique potential by building a data foundation that provides safe access to proprietary data.

How generative AI is changing the way businesses work

Technological innovations breed more breakthroughs. Read up on the latest gen AI developments from our experts.

What’s holding back generative AI adoption?

Market impact report

A joint study from Cognizant and industry analyst HFS

Re-energize health consumer engagement and bridge the payer-provider divide with gen AI

Healthcare can leverage gen AI to address the payer-provider disconnect and maximize the value of vertically integrated healthcare enterprises.

Responsible AI: A shared commitment

Cognizant’s Advanced AI Lab augments AI-based decision-making

Our research team is improving AI driven decision-making by creating new methods that integrate various AI types to model complex situations and suggest solutions optimized for specific performance indicators.

Invention ignites ingenuity

Technological innovations breed more breakthroughs. Learn how experts are putting them to work.

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