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Make the best decisions based on data that matters most.

The insurance industry is built on data. Historically this data was used to track performance. But now data is needed to drive performance.
Cognizant helps insurers move to AI-driven architectures that lay the foundation for an intelligent decisioning framework. With Data and AI for Insurance you can make optimal decisions based on the data that really matters. The result: sustainable revenue growth. Optimized margins. And continuous innovation from customer acquisition to claims processing.
Data and AI for Insurers utilizes a multi-pronged approach to AI that delivers:
  • Accelerators that directly help clients build new capabilities using AI and machine learning
  • A customized reference architecture already in use by our top industry clients
  • An agile team accustomed to producing great outcomes, faster
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Accelerate data modernization
Accelerate data modernization

Get answers your leaders are looking for to make smart, informed decisions. Achieve great outcomes faster by tapping into our technology and industry knowledge.

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Activate data at scale
Activate data at scale

Create an intelligent decisioning framework across channels that scales seamlessly with growth. Monetize the relevant data that matters most, within and outside your organization.

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World-class partners
World-class partners

Combine Cognizant’s AI competencies with top software providers such as Microsoft, Amazon, Guidewire and Duck Creek. Rethink business models, streamline operations and capture market share faster.

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Additional capabilities

Drive future growth

Cognizant Digital Property and Casualty Operations provides you with solutions for cost effective differentiation for how you do business, now and in the future. Using our deep industry knowledge, specialized insurance capabilities and digital expertise, we help you achieve:

  • Optimized operations. Reduce your operating costs while improving efficiency and customer experience.
  • Redesigned experiences. Build stronger relationships with your customers with our real-time analytics, sentiment analysis and next-best-action capabilities.
  • Business model digitization. We help your company become more competitive now while equipping it to succeed by identifying and creating new business, operating and technology models.

Transform operations performance

Cognizant Digital Life and Annuity generates actionable insights with sophisticated predictive analytics that fuel “next best actions.” Our approach helps drive self-service adoption for improved customer experiences and reduced spend with customer and service segmentation analytics. The solution also enables real-time call alerts for cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Reinvent support online

Cognizant Policyholder Connect delivers remote interactions that ensure customers feel valued—and complete more transactions for higher conversion lift. When equipped with our Interaction Analytics module, this solution enables insurers to bridge customer experience and data. In this way, broken connections in the customer journey stand out and customer and customer churn drops.

What’s more, Interaction Analytics understands the voice of the customer, literally. Unlike many speech analytics systems, it’s able to decipher tone through features such as topic and trend discovery. The solution sorts calls based on positive and negative sentiment and the dashboard provides an easy-to-read visual display of trending sentiment.

Latest thinking

How insurers can build a modern data foundation

Before they can truly leverage AI for more intelligent decisions, insurers must modernize their data foundations—an Achilles’ heel for many. We identify core concepts and key principles to improve the odds of success.

Designing better software-driven experiences for insurers
To thrive during periods of volatility, insurers need to leverage AI to make faster and better business decisions—and do so at scale. Learn more.

Take the first step

Serving customers by looking forward as well as back is a big promise, but the power of today’s new digital capabilities is vast and growing.

Let’s talk about how digital can work for your business.