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Elevate CX, drive sustainability

“Smart” is the new mandate for building owners, operations managers and real estate professionals to boost efficiency, safety and convenience across intelligent spaces.
Cognizant can help you monitor and transform data and help you build digital solutions around your indoor and outdoor spaces, public and private infrastructure and real estate portfolios. 
That, in turn, gives you insights to create smart spaces that deliver numerous benefits, from operational efficiency to reduced costs, optimized resources to location intelligence, superior end-user experiences to sustainability that helps reduce damage to the planet.


Cognizant’s Spaces+ provides businesses with advisory-led digital transformation solutions across three offerings.

Making places more intelligent

From office buildings to retail malls, commercial spaces to universities, airports to stadiums, we transform both private and public spaces using data from systems, assets, sensors and other sources. This information leads directly to insights for the improved management of energy, assets, operations and the workplace experience. Our goal is to help you make spaces smart, helping you operate more efficiently, make spaces function better and improve safety and security. Key benefits include:

  • Smart buildings: Share and integrate building systems data to increase building value by maintaining equipment proactively, consuming power dynamically and matching occupancy patterns to energy use.
  • Smart store: Get remote access to critical data through an integrated platform that connects commercial kitchen equipment to the cloud. A connected kitchen helps streamline equipment performance monitoring, predictive maintenance and management of environmental factors such as temperature and humidity.
  • Smart city: Improve citizens’ quality of life and solve critical urban challenges by cutting your energy costs, automating city operations for better public safety and providing a healthy and sustainable environment.
  • Smart airport: Support operations and optimize passenger flows and staff activities across airports by integrating devices, GPS and sensors.

Digital tools for valuable insights

Our Intelligent Workplace Management System (IWMS) can increase operational efficiencies, reduce costs and optimize resources—all by providing you with tools and insights to better manage your assets, facilities and real estate portfolios.

Cognizant’s accelerators speed IWMS implementation by integrating data from multiple disparate systems to eliminate the need to start from scratch with portfolio data. Our offering includes strategic consulting, technology implementation, support services and hosting/cloud services. We can also help with partners’ technology implementations, such as IBM TRIRIGA.

Create location-based experiences

Location of Things (LoT)—also known as a geographic information system (GIS), location-based services (LBS) or GeoSpatial systems—helps you make informed decisions to improve operations and enhance customer satisfaction. 

Cognizant helps businesses in a range of industries with:

  • Unified field operations: Achieve higher efficiency and customer satisfaction through a single view of business assets, integrating field and back-office and improving planning and operations.
  • Integrated network design management system: Benefit from the combined power of computer-aided design and analytics. Together these integrate network planning and design and enable visualization and maintenance.
  • Remote inspection sites and entities: Gain from advances in AI/ML to access drone-supported imagery and real-time remote assessment of assets and properties.

Our capabilities include consulting, implementation, quality assurance, managed services and spatial business intelligence services.


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