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Your seamless digital workplace

Large engineering, procurement and construction projects (EPCs) can involve hundreds of remote workers from different teams and streams working together. In today’s competitive O&G markets, it’s essential to empower an EPC workforce for greater productivity and safety in all field, yard and construction activities.
Cognizant’s Digital Workforce Mobility (DWM) helps companies transform their field operations by optimizing digital communication and workflows. Using our solution, you create a seamless digital workplace where supervisors and workers alike can execute daily tasks, eliminate waste and collaborate with minimal effort. 
Leveraging the latest mobile wearables, IOT and automated AI technologies, DWM:
  • Enhances the communication and partnership between supervisors and workers
  • Helps workers plan, prioritize and manage their daily tasks and reports
  • Leverages mobility for easy adoption and fast, on-the-job learning
  • Encourages collaboration and proactive problem-solving
  • Reduces redundant activities and data entry
Unified communication
Unified communication

Improved communication and collaboration between the supervisor and workers improve workforce productivity, better manage daily tasks and resolve issues on the go.

Digital documentation
Digital documentation

Mobility app with digital documentation helps teams reduce mundane work, improve documentation and workflow accuracy and reduce paperwork.

Automated workflows and reporting
Automated workflows and reporting

Automated processes and real-time notifications help teams improve project management with a single view needed by supervisors for assignment, including certificates and work permits.

Latest thinking

Decision-making: The new frontier for automation

Decision process automation is a forward-looking, practical strategy to improve enterprise operations, enabling faster responses to rapidly changing conditions and identifying options for action based on a more complete exploration of potential outcomes.

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Energy and utilities under pressure

Our recent study shows companies are already separating from the pack based on how they deploy advanced technologies and business models. In this e-book, we offer business and tech leaders in the fast evolving E&U industry our research-based insights on the best next steps to take.


Supporting service capabilities

Improve and optimize operations at construction yards

Cognizant’s DWM leverages core industrial mobility features such as unified communication, digital documentation, automated workflows and real-time reporting and notifications. This helps create a seamless digital workplace and enables the “digital yard” vision.

Cognizant offers a full suite of business and technology mobile integration services for organizations at all stages of digital and mobile maturity. For clients who have already implemented DWM, we can help:

  • Extend the capabilities of DWM by leveraging its future-ready, cloud-based architecture to help onboard new technologies
  • Integrate with any data platform and systems to retrieve important business data
  • Leverage the modular service module to reduce the need for custom development needed to fulfill future business requirements

Take the first step

Serving customers by looking forward as well as back is a big promise, but the power of today’s new digital capabilities is vast and growing.

Let’s talk about how digital can work for your business.