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Cognizant Cloud Integration Brokerage

Capitalize on the power of cloud to adapt to changes instantaneously.

Cognizant® Cloud Integration Brokerage provides a B2B platform as a service with built-in scalable infrastructure in the cloud. Preconfigured B2B software enables customers to scale at their own pace and customize the B2B solution and services based on changing business needs.
The solution supports near real-time file processing, with different processing and priority queues based on the criticality of data, while supporting multiple file transfer protocols. The solution is also available in different pay-per-use pricing models for clients.
Cloud-enabled intelligent B2B applications
Cloud-enabled intelligent B2B applications

Our solution has a high B2B translation capacity, distributed architecture and smart built-in storage for data analysis.

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Next-gen operating model for business growth
Next-gen operating model for business growth

Cut server maintenance costs, boost ROI and quickly adapt to changing business needs while ensuring high performance and uptime.

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Pay-per-use model for software license
Pay-per-use model for software license

With different pricing models available, pay only for what you use based on changes in load demand.

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